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Mon Apr 28, 2014 4pm - 6pm 
Impulse ManslaughterA Hell on Earth
Live at Wfmu / Beer City
Iron LungIf Polio Strikes
Life. Iron Lung. Death / 625 Thrashcore
VoetsekI Want More (Suicidal Tendencies)
A Match Made In Hell / Six Weeks
Atacama Death ExperienceWasted Time And Broken BonesWasted Time And Broken Bones / Cimmerian Shade Recordings
KatechonBlack Rain
Man, God, Giant / Nuclear War Now!

Suffer YourselfDarkness Pt. 2Inner Sanctum / Cimmerian Shade Recordings
MerkstaveLament For Lost Gods Pt. 1
Merkstave / Pesanta Urfolk

VelniasVelnio UgnisRuneeater / Pesanta Urfolk
Funerary CallSeven Candles Burning
Nightside Emanations / Malignant Records

Moira ScarTransblister
Scarred For Life / Resipiscent
Rip Vip / Phage Tapes
Iron ForestDead Batteries
Body Horror / Crucial Blast
Slavestate 641aScrewdriver
Masochist / Laugh Now Records
Winter of ApokalypseDark Sinistral Path
Solitary Winter Night / Moribund Records
Knelt RoteCompress
Trespass / Nuclear War Now!
WinterOppression (Reprise)Into Darkness / Future Shock