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Wed Jul 02, 2003 9am - noon 
Dj SpookyTakemitsu
Ikebana: Merzbow's Aml / Important Records
John OswaldMad ModPlexure / Avant
Chris ClarkSlow Spines
Ceramics Is the Bomb / Warp Records
Scott Amendola BandStreetbeatCry / Cryptogramophone
Vandermark 5Money DownAirports For Light / Atavistic
Jordan, Kidd/Fred Anderson QuaSpirits Came inVisionfest: Vision Liv / Thirsty Ear Communication
Baptista, CyroCaranguejo Estrela BrilhanteBeat the Donkey / Tzadik
HellaBiblical ViolenceHold Your Horse Is / Rue Christian Records
Cline, NelsChicagoanDestroy All Nels Cline / Atavistic
Spring Heel JackPart 1
Live / Thirsty Ear Communication
MonoLoco Tracks
One Step More and You Die / Arena Rock Recording Co.
Subarachnoid SpaceBThese Things Take Time / Relapse Records
Dj FoodAerosolitude Pts 1-3Urban Renewal Program / Chocolate Industries
Yoko SoloSugar and Red Wine
Quake Trap Collective / Quaketrap Recordings
BroadcastViolent Playground
Pendulum / Warp Records
Splatter TrioClear the ClubHi-Fi Junk Note / Rastascan Records
Don CaballeroIn the Abscence of Strong EvWhat Burns Never Returns / Touch and Go
Stinking LizavetaTenuousIii / Tolotta
Moe! StaianoAetlier 8
Lateness of Early Presentation / Dephine Knormal Music
OvalLine Extension94 Diskont. / Thrill Jockey Records
Dorine MurailleLe SuppliceMani / Fat Cat Records
Xiu XiuApistat Commander
A Promise / 5 Rue Christine
Grand UlenaTotal Joplin
Gateway to Dignity / Family Vineyard
Go-Go FightmasterBuffy Is Dead
Go-Go Fightmaster / Pax Recordings
Lightning BoltDracula MountainWonderful Rainbow / Load Records
RovoSukhnaTonic 2001 / Tzadik
OxesDear Spirit, I'm in France
Oxes / Monitor
Extra Action Marching BandEnter the Dragon
Live / Independent
PainkillerExecutionerBuried Secrets / Earache