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Tue Jul 08, 2014 4pm - 7pm 
Mike CooperNight Flower Tapu
White Shadows In The South Seas / Room 40

Eugene CarchesioCircle Music 3
Circle Music / Room 40
KoanHidden Palace (Green Mix)Legends: Inhale / Qulture Production
PhobiumApproaching Proxima CentauriOort Cloud / n/a (self-released)
Carbon Based LifeformsTransmission - IntermissionWorld of Sleepers / Ultimae Records
Carbon Based LifeformsWorld of SleepersWorld of Sleepers / Ultimae Records
Circuit Rider U.K.Minimal Form
Alienist / Jehu &C
Circuit Rider U.K.The Never-Ending Catastrophe Of The Present
Alienist / Jehu &C
Christopher WillitsPlants And Hearts
Plants And Hearts / Room 40
Why I Must Be CarefulTrack 1
Honeycomb Ep / Self
Charlie ChaplainThe Great Dictator Speech... / ...

Lab PartnersDo You Feel Life
Seven Seas / Pravda Records
MegafaunaPrecious Blood
Maximalist / Danimal Kingdom
MegafaunaHaunted Factory
Maximalist / Danimal Kingdom
Ex-CultFlickering Eyes
Midnight Passanger / Goner Records

RadiumRenegade ReturnsInextremist / n/a
Green VelvetPreachermanPreacherman / Not On Record
Green VelvetI Want To Leave My BodyI Want To Leave My Body / Not On Record
Charanjit SinghRaga Bairagi10 Ragas to a Disco Beat / Bombay Connection
Halim El-DabhWire Recorder PieceCrossing into the Electric Magnetic / Without Fear

JaïaMai MaiBlue Energy / Yellow Feather Records
Electric UniverseOnline Information... /
CydoniaAnimalsConcept In Dance 2 - Tribal Science In Trance / Goa Moonshine Music

JaBigDeep House Mix, 3/13... / ...