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Sun Jul 06, 2003 3pm - 6pm 
Creation Is CrucifixionCreation Is CrucifixionChild As Audience / <No Label Info>
Heaven Shall BurnOpen Arms to the Future
Asunder / Lifeforce
Pig DestroyerHymnBenumb Vs. Pig Destroy / Robotic Empire
Deadbodies EverywhereBrass Ring SchemeBuy a Bullet, Rent a Gun / Showpost Records
WasteoidSpiderbiteTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
Burnt By the SunBlow Job CityFerret 24 / Ferret Music
TreEarth RideI Discern An Overtone of Trage / The Mountain Cooperative
CruevoPlain ViewCruevo/Brainoil Split / Berserker Records
16A Real Piece of WorkBlaze of Incompetence / Theologian Records
Kalmex and the RiffmerchantsLong Haul, theIt Goes to Eleven / Family of Resistance Reco
LudicraUserpentHollow Psalms / Life Is Abuse
KylesaDelusion on FireSuper Sabado Gigante / Six Two Five Thrashcore
InepsyHammer HearthTour Edition / Independent
Abc DiaboloPower of a Lyric SheetLast Intoxication of Senses / Common Cause
Sharp KnifeHalf Awake and Never AsleepSharp Knife / Spam
Grabass CharlestonsGalaga
Billy Reese Peters / No Idea
ShotwellMudpileFor the Devil Has His Day / Unknown
the BananasYou Can't Fire Me... I Split
Nautical Rock N Roll / Independent
Riot-A-Go-GoToday I Found Love
Radio Calisthenics / Independent
Good FellasTombstone DisasterEbsr / Filter Records
GrimpleVivisickUp Your Ass / Prank
RorschachMy WarRORSCHACH/1.6 Band / Chainsaw Safety Records
HiretsukanBarrel Roll
Invasive//Exotic / G7 Welcoming Committee
BgOut of DreamCongratulations, the / 625 Productions
Noah HowardMessage to South AfricaPatterns/Message to South Afri / Eremite
Fasteau, Zusaan KaliEbb and FlowSensual Hearing / Flying Note
Myra MelfordParts 1 & 2 Frank Llyod WriAlive in the House of Saints / Hat Art Records
Andrew DruryVaxjo Kollektiv
A Momentary Lapse / Innova Recordings
Guberman/IngallsWork SongDuets / (Unknown)