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Wed Jul 09, 2003 9am - noon 
Carl BradneySlipping Into DarknessDarker Than Blues / Blood And Fire
Dj SpookyGalactic Funk (Tau Ceti Mix)Songs of a Dead Drummer / Asphodel
Perrey & KingsleyE.V.A.Out Sound From Way In!, the / Vanguard Records
Bingo Gazingo & My Robot FrienYou're Out of the Computer
Songs in the Key of Z / Gammon Records
Thomas DimuzioShank Thesis (Cut and Try)Headlock / Rer/Cuneiform
T Evolution Control CommitteeWe Will Rock YouDouble the Phat and Still Tast / Evolution Control Committ
Saint of KillersJaw of Traitor Pt. 2
Saint of Killers / Edgetone Records
Boredoms4Vision Creation Newsun / Birdman Records
Robot Vs. RabbitI Have Been Axe in the Hand
Trading the Witch for the Devi / Mandragora Records
DatacideFlashback SignalFlowerhead / Asphodel
Miles DavisRated XGet Up with It / Columbia Records (Jazz)
Mike PattonKochotVoices In the Wilderness / Tzadik
Gary LucasRide Of the ValkyriesStreet of Lost Brothers / Tzadik
Nels ClineLowered BoomInstrumentals / Cryptogramophone
Peter KowaldImprovisationVisionfest: Vision Liv / Thirsty Ear Communication
Griot GalaxyAfter Death
Live at the D.I.A. / Entropy Stereo Recordings
Michael MusillamiPivot
Beijing / Playscape Recordings
Yoshimi and YukaUmegination
Flower with no Color / Ipecac Records
EuphonePlayboyCalendar of Unlucky Days, the / Jade Tree
All Little Boys Do Silly Littl / Wobblyhead
MadlibFunky Blue Note
Shades of Blue / Blue Note
Robert RichFasaninaTemple of the Invisible / Soundscape Productions
Angela DavisThe Specter of CrimePrison Industrial Complex, the / Ak Press
PachoraBushka LoungeAstereotypical / Winter & Winter
Peoples BizarreMayim GadolimPeoples Bizarre / Bellowhead Records
Parker, William Clarinet TrioOvercoat in the RiverBob's Pink Cadillac / Eremite
the Ex & GuestsLip Up, StumpInstant / Ex Records
Scott Amendola BandStreetbeatCry / Cryptogramophone
Peter BrotzmannOther BrothersThe Chicago Octet/Tentet / Okka Disk
Masada Chamber EnsemblesGevurahBar Kokhba / Tzadik