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Wed Jan 28, 2015 10pm - 1am 
Duane PitreThe Ensemble Chord In C With A Major Th And A Guitar BaseOrganized Pitches Occuring In Time / Important Records
Dirty BeachesStateless
Stateless / Zoo Music
Siavash AminiDusk
What Wind Whispered To The Trees / Future Sequence
Pascal SavyAurora
Adrift / Eilean
FauresAsthenospheric Movement IiContinental Drift / Home Normal

Hawabata MakotoHosanna MantraHosanna Mantra / Important Records
Druss, Garek JonThe Celestial Din
Music For The Celestial Din / Debacle Records
Nils FrahmFor - Peter - Toilet Brushes - More
Spaces / Erased Tapes Records
The Cellar And PointAmbit
Ambit / Cuneiform Records

Christina KubischE-Legend IiFive Electrical Walks / Important Records
Whitehouse: Performed Live By Zeitkratzer / Zeitkratzer Records
Steve RodenFeeling, Smelling, Tasting
Flower & Water / Dragon's Eye Recordings
Jordan De La SierraMusic For Devotional Past
Gymnosphere: Song Of The Rose / Numero Group