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Wed Mar 25, 2015 10pm - midnight 
Gengras, M. GeddesVigil
Ishi / Leaving Records

SubtractiveladHesperus Is Phosphorus
Kindred / N5MD
Freight 1110 Through Greensboro / Full Spectrum
Sarah DavachiHeliotrope
Barons Court / Students Of Decay
PlanteUnbroken Communion
Harvest / Fedora Corpse Recordings
PlanteDamnation Is A Lie
Harvest / Fedora Corpse Recordings
Hermit / Cimmerian Shade Recordings
Oren AmbarchiCymbal Motors
Sacte Motors / Western Vinyl

ComorosPart Ii
Blues For Karthala / Fedora Corpse Recordings
Honest To GoodnessA Gaseous Speck
Honest To Goodness / Fedora Corpse Recordings
Honest To GoodnessTaking In The Light And Dark, Of Which We Are All Composed Of (Part I)
Honest To Goodness / Fedora Corpse Recordings
Common Eider, King EiderWhen We Sewed Skins
Worn / Root Strata
Nils FrahmImprovisations For Coughs And Cell Phone
Spaces / Erased Tapes Records