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Tue Aug 18, 2015 10pm - midnight 
ArcturusGame Over
Arcturian / Prophecy Productions

LunaOn The Other Side Of Life
On The Other Side Of Life / Solitude Productions
DeafheavenBrought to the WaterNew Bermuda / Antirecords

Cattle DecapitationManufactured ExtinctThe Anthropocene Extinction / Metal Blade Records
Shape Of DespairReaching The Innermost
Monotony Fields / Season of Mist
My Dying BrideAnd My Father Left ForeverFeel the Misery / Peaceville Records

AgallochIn the Shadow of Our Pale CMantle, the / The End Records

Theatre of TragedyLoreleiIdentity Five: I Defy / Century Media
The Sins of Thy BelovedMy LoveLake of Sorrow / Napalm Records