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Sat Nov 07, 2015 6am - 9am 
The SwordHigh Country
High Country / Razor & Tie Music
FoalsMountain At My Gates
What Went Down / Warner Bros. Records
Le Flange Du MalThrenody For S.A.
Carrion, My Wayward Son ... / Resipiscent Records

The Space LadySomewhere Over The Rainbow
Split (The Space Lady/Burnt Ones) / Castle Face Records
Look VibrantClouds
Only Qualms / Self
the CardigansErase/RewindGran Turismo / Mercury Records (College)
Cranekiss / Mexican Summer

JonsiGrow Til Tall
Go / Xl Recordings
Meadow:Watt / Ghostly International
Matilde DavoliI'm Calling You From My Dreams
I'm Calling You From My Dreams / Loyal To Your Dreams

KilowattsAuditoriumRoutes / Artificial Music Machine
Q-MenFunfarMade on Earth / Blue Room Released
CwitheMemory FoamMade on Earth / Blue Room Released

Future TwinClean
Wavelength Sovereignity / Self
DrinksFocus On The Street
Hermits On Holiday / Heavenly
Shattered SunHope Within Hatred
Hope Within Hatred / Victory Records (Hardcore)

A Winged Victory For The SullenAtomos Vii
Atomos Vii / Kranky
A Shoreline DreamSunday Afternoon
Silent Sunrise, The / Latenight Weeknight Records
Dj WopnerOde to Train WreckMadame Chao Production / .01% Records
Fukuoka Yutaka & Kido NatsukiTake OneMaboroshi no Sekai Sam / Maboroshi no Sekai
Andrew Weathers EnsembleLive By Golden Rule: Go Orange Be Strong
Fuck Everybody, You Can Do Anything / Full Spectrum
The Devil Wears PradaAn Asteroid Towards Earth
Space Ep / Rise Records

If not for the Hovering... / Delmore Recordings
Tom JonesEvil
Tom Jones / Third Man Records
Babysitter / Psychic Handshake

Ho99o9Day Of Vengeance
Horrors Of 1999 / Family
Fringe ClassHalloween Superstore
Pdx Pop Now! 2015 Disc 2 / Self
The DomesticsIt Came To Me
Pdx Pop Now! 2015 Disc 1 / Self

Greg GorlenMoldflowers 01
Moldflowers / Soun Records
East India YouthCarousel
Culture Of Volume / Xl Recordings
James BlackshawFailure's Flame
Summoning Suns / Important Records
JonquilI Know I Don't Know
One Hundred Suns Ep / Dovecote Records
You.Extreme Games
Sunchaser / Dais Records
Joanna GruesomeCrayon
Peanut Butter / Slumberland Records

Jason Lee And The R.I.P. TidesCaped Crusader
Tiki Oasis 15 Radio Sampler / Dionysus/Hell Yeah