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Thu Apr 21, 2016 4pm - 7pm 
Ghost WitchAndromadonna
Demo / Self
Exit 13Spare the Wrench Surrender TDon't Spare the Green Love / Relapse Records

Nicolas JaarGarden Of Eden
Pomegranates / Other People

Adore Life / Matador Records
HindsI'll Be Your Man
Leave Me Alone / Mom + Pop
ShoppingI Have Decided
Why Choose / Fatcat Records
TacocatDana Katherine Scully
Lost Time / Hardly Art
Fall In / 4AD
David BowieI Can't Give Everything AwayBlackstar / Columbia
Dan Stuart With The Twin TonesZicatela
Marlowe's Revenge / Fluff & Gravy Records
TindersticksFollow Me
Waiting Room, The / City Slang
Prince RamaBelieve In Something Fun
Xtreme Now / Carpark Records
TacocatHorse Grrls
Lost Time / Hardly Art
AudacityDirty Boy
Hyper Vessels / Suicide Squeeze Records
So PittedWoe
Neo / Sub Pop Records
Sunn O)))Kannon 3
Kannon / Southern Lord Recordings
DevoThe Words Get Stuck In My ThroatPioneers Who Got Scalped / Rhino Records
Atgclvlsscap / Jester
Young TenderDon't Get Me Wrong
Memorabilia / Cintas
NothingThe Dead Are Dumb
Tired Of Tomorrow / Relapse Records
Hermit ThrushesHollow Light
Potsherd Gold Meadow / Least Records
Oren Ambarchi & Johan BerthlingTied
Tongue Tied / Hapna