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Sun Sep 07, 2003 3pm - 6pm 
Dengue FeverEt Hanopium
Dengue Fever / Web of Mimicry
ToledoSonny & LorraineFishnets & Cigarettes / Moonshine Music
OuthudHominid HumpNatural Selection / Gold Standard Laboratorie
ToychestraJohn's Buttons
Sassy Pony / Sk
AlvaMommyFair-Haired Guillotine / Avant
Firsesign Theaterwaiting for the electricianwaiting for the electrician or someone like him / columbia
Ralph CarneyMan Don't Come
This Is! Ralph Carney / Black Beauty
the Stairwell SistersBuckets of RainStairwell Sisters, the / Yodel-Ay-Hee
the Crooked JadesShady GroveUnfortunate Rake, the Vol. 2 / Copper Creek Records
Feller QuentinRose
Cat in a Tree with a Mouse in / None
David DonderoAnalysis of a 1970'S DivorceShooting at the Sun with a Wan / Future Farmer Recordings
the Sharp EaseT-Spin
T-Spin / Soft Spot Records
Sun City GirlsDead Chick in the RiverBoris Karloff Read Sun City Gi / Abduction
the Mae ShiRaise Up the Judges
To Hit Armor Class Zero / #1USA#1/ARROYO-AU-GO-GO
Pere UbuNon Alignment PactThe Modern Dance / Rough Trade
Kid 606Retreatm, the Most Familiar
Dancing Machine: Erase / Troubleman Unlimited
Miracle Chosuke4-3-3
7/8 Wonders of the World, the / Dim Mak
TeengenerateGrown Up WrongSmash Hits! / Estrus Records
Senseless ApocalypseSloughSetsuna / Conspiracy Evolve Records
ElephantmanApathy Towards FliesElephantman / Impatience or Indifferenc
Bathtub ShitterWatch Your StepMurderous Grind Attack / Six Two Five Thrashcore
BotchClosureI Can't Live Without I / Mountain (Punk)
What Happens Next?Banner Sized Politics
Livin' La Vida Loca! / Soulforce Records
ShotwellMudpileFor the Devil Has His Day / Unknown
VoetsekNote to the DeadDead Roses / Six Weeks
WheeljackKultur KampfLive at Wrek / Wrek 91.1 Fm
Self Defense/XfilesxThe Unbearable Whiteness ofNowhere to Run Nowhere to Hide / Room 101 Records
Uniform ChoiceScreaming for ChangeScreaming for Change / Wishing Well Records
Fourth RotorWo Shi Yi Ge BingSeize / Electric Noise
MetroschifterActressStrawberries / Doghouse Records
Ink and DaggerBloodlustDrive this Seven Inch Wooden / Initial Records
WasteoidSpiderbiteTotal Pukeoid / Crop Circle
Blown to BitsRuling ClassDevastation Across the Land / Disintegration Rex
SekiriKusuri-TengokuSekiri / Public Bath
Warlock PinchersDevil without a pauseDeadly Kung Fu Action / Boner Records
AssuckSalt MineMisery Index / Sound Pollution/Mcr
AssuckCornersMisery Index / Sound Pollution/Mcr
Shattered FaithI Love AmericaI Love America / Posh Boy
Erectus MonotoneVector & PhaseErector Set / Rave Records, Inc.
Shroomunion1Fairytales and Dreams / Repercussion
Fields Lay FallowLockdown100 Years of High Rises / Lunchbox Records
the GitsAnother Shot of WhiskeyFrenching the Bully / C/Z Records
Lane, Adam/Full Throttle OrcheSmack
No(W) Music / Cadence Jazz
Sickafoose, Todd GroupDogs OutsideDogs Outside / Evander Music
Andrew DruryThe Schwartzes
A Momentary Lapse / Innova Recordings
Moondoc, Jemeel/Denis CharlesWe DoWe Don't / Eremite
Bey, Faruq Z./Northwoods ImproSheriff Sam (Sound By Law)
Ashirai Pattern / Entropy Stereo Recordings
Lori FreedmanUglybeautetu
A Un Moment Donne / Ambiances Magnetique
Kuti, Fela AnikulapoIkoyi BlindnessIkoyi Blindness/Kalakuta Show / Mca Records