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Thu Sep 29, 2016 9pm - 10:30pm 
Lay Llamas / TetuanJuju
Split / Arte Tetra
Blue Twenty-One / Blue Tapes
Union Of Worlds / Constellation Tatsu
Takahiro Mukai#186
Aqueous Ammonia / Fort Evil Fruit
Data 80Faded Photographs
Data 80 / Force Inc. Music Works
MoiréNo Gravity
Shelter / Werkdiscs
the User/
Symphony #2 / Asphodel

Sister GrottoBlindside (Drone)
Blindside / Heavy Mess
Audrey ProulxTryColors / Recursive Leap Records
Oneohtrix Point NeverFreaky Eyes
Garden Of Delete / Warp Records
Atkins, Martin's China Dub SoundsystemBeijing Taxi
Made In China / Bloodshot Records
AfxMc-R Acid
Analord 1-2 / Rephlex
Yellow Magic OrchestraSeoul MusicDisco Not Disco / Strut

Ghettoville / Ninja Tune
UzedaRight Seeds4 / Touch and Go
Timo LassyAfrican Rumble
Dj-Kicks: Motor City Drum Ensemble / !K7 Records
Bruce BlucherPiece of ShitDoes It Float? / Trinder Music
Laurel HaloThrax
Chance Of Rain / Hyperdub
John BeltranCollage of DreamsDimensions In Ambience 2 / Quango Music Group