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Sat Dec 10, 2016 8pm - 10pm 
Sparkling WaterSunshine Raga
Day Of First Orange - Afternoon Ragas / Self-Release

Steve HauschildtSame River Twice
Strands / Kranky
Florian Von AmelnThe Last Before Settlement
Rvvr / Eilean
Luminol / Audiobulb
Luminol / Audiobulb

The National Park ServiceSmooth J
Secret Wind / Lily Tapes & Discs
Gareth DicksonSnag With The Language
Orwell Court / 12k
Dana ValserEl Pasado
Antiguo / Three:Four

Nicolas JaarNo
Sirens / Other People
In My Sleep Ep / 1432 R
LoscilRed Tide
Monument Builders / Kranky

Rundle, Emma RuthReal Big Sky
Marked For Death / Sargent House