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Sun Oct 05, 2003 noon - 3pm 
Algarnas TradgardInterstellar CruiseDelayed / Silence
Midnight SyndicateGargoylesBorn of The Night / Monolith
Georgie LeonardErnie the Narc
Only in America VOL.2 / Arf Arf Records
the DeletistA Clearcut
Deletist, the / Entarte Kunst
GOBLINSuspiriai Films di Dario Argento / Cinevox
Sol InvictusThe BladeThe Blade / World Serpent
HrosshargraniWhere The Shadows LieThe Secret Fire / CCP Records, Austria
RezanateWeekend Freedom Machine
Pure Psychedelic Noise / Mandragora Records
Nervous GenderScandinavian DilemmaCOLL: Live At Target, Feb., 24, 1980 / Subterranean
Durutti ColumnFor Mimi/For Belgian Friends/Self PortraitA Factory Quartet / Factory
Hanzel & GretylVerbotenland
Uber Alles / Metropolis Records
RainbowKill The KingLong Live Rock N' Roll / Polydork
Thin LizzyJohnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The WeedJohnny The Fox / Vertigo
the KickassStrongest Dead Man Alive
Death Metal Is for Pussies / Bifocal Media
Livin' La Vida Loca! / Soulforce Records
DISCARDDeath From Above/Condemmend to OppressionDeath From Above 7" / Poison Planet Tapes
Kort ProsessFlukten/RedusertSvart Natt / Heartfirst
SportswearFor The Sake Of DedicationKeep It Together/To Be Sincere / Crucial Response
Alltid JagetMoralsk Tvangdu synker inn i doden / Heartfirst
Fader WarReligios TerrorCOLL: Killed BY Hardcore Vol. 2 / Redrum
Boerres KorkPop StarCOLL: Bloodstains Across Norway / Redrum
Akutt 80Nekt BlanktCOLL: Bloodstains Across Norway / Redrum
Life But How To Live It?Passing ThroughCOLL: It's Your Choice Live / Your Choice Live
HammerheadAmerican RampageEtheral Killer / Amphetamine Reptile
IREDead Among The DeadAdversity Into Triumph / Ellington
Wall of SleepThe Wizard
Overlook the All / Psychedoomelic
NileSarcophagusIn Their Darkened Shrines / Relapse Records
KreatorPleasure to Kill
Live Kreation / Spv Gmbh
VoetsekDead RosesDead Roses / Six Weeks
Man RayInterview
Surrealism Reviewed / Ltm Records
Poison IdeaShort FuseLive In Vienna (1991) 7" / American Leather
SkepticsmThe Raven and the BackwardFarmakon / Red Stream