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Sat Mar 11, 2017 2:30pm - 5pm 
Pink FloydGrandchester MeadowsUmma Gumma / Harvest Records
Ancient FutureFrogorian TranceNatural Rhythms / Philo
James FreemanNightingales
Echoes Of Nature 4 / Edgetone Records
Walcott, ColinJewel OrnamentGrazing Dreams / ECM
Jones, Rickie LeePink FlamingoesTraffic From Paradise / Geffen Records
Eckemoff, Yelena QuintetBlooming Tall Phlox
Blooming Tall Phlox (Disc 1 - Summer Smells) / Justin Time Records, Inc.
Steve SchuchReturn From FingalCrossing the Waters / Night Heron Music
Eva SalinaDjelo Djelo
Lema Lema / Self
Balogh,Kalman And The Gypsy Cimbalom BandBolgar Gypsy HoroGypsy Jazz / Rounder Records
Cortiñas, Gustavo & SnapshotIntro To Arete
Esse / Oa2 Records
Troy RobertsTake The A Train
Tales & Tones / Inner Circle Music
Akua DixonDizzy's Smile
Akua's Dance / Akua's Music
Nancy HarmsRocks In My Bed
Ellington At Night / Gazelle Records
The Flaming LipsHow??
Oczy Mlody / Warner Bros. Records
King CrimsonExilesThe Great deceiver (box set) (cd 1) / Discipline
Roxy MusicLadytronRoxy Music / Reprise Records
Slender LorisDrawer Of Teeth
Two Parts Helium / Edgetone Records
Squirrel Nut ZippersBaby Wants a Diamond RingBedlam Ballroom / Mammoth Records
Richard GallianoWaltz For Nicky
New Jazz Musette (Disc 2) / Ponderosa Music & Art
Brandi DisterheftDis Here
Blue Canvas / Justin Time Records, Inc.
Sidney JacobsSay What You Will
First Man / Baby Chub Records
Dave Douglas And Frank WoesteMains Libres
Dada People / Greenleaf Music
Theo BleckmannElegy
Elegy / Ecm Records
Linda PerhacsIntensity
Soul Of All Natural Things, The / Asthmatic Kitty Records
McFerrin, BobbyZigguratBeyond Words / Blue Note
Franklin  KiermyerGreetings To Pharoah
Closer To The Sun / Mobility Music