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Thu Mar 16, 2017 4pm - 7pm 
Gap DreamGreater Find
This Is Gap Dream / Burger Records
Cynthia HiltsThose Basinets
Lyric Fury / Blond Coyote
John CraigieVirgin GuitarNo Rain, No Rose / Zabriskie Point
Dead WarLeptospira
Triumph Of Death, The / Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Brandi DisterheftDis Here
Blue Canvas / Justin Time Records, Inc.

AseethSever The Head
Hopes Of Failure / Thrill Jockey Records
Morgan, Carol QuartetStrollin'
Post Cool Volume 1: The Night Shift / Self
Raphael NovarinaDistortion
Sequence / Tinderbox Records
Blanck MassThe Rat
World Eater / Sacred Bones Records

Rose CousinsChosenNatural Conclusion / Old Farm Pony Records
Sorcerer / Mexican Summer
Warm DeltasLabyrinth Man
Rex Virginem / Psych Army Intergalactic
The Flaming LipsOne Night While Hunting For Faeries And Witches And Wizards To Kill
Oczy Mlody / Warner Bros. Records

Ryan AdamsPolitical ScientistLove Is Hell / Umg Recordings, Inc
Emmett CohenOn The Trail
Masters Legacy Seies Volume 1 - Featuring Jimmy Cobb / Cellar Live
Snow GhostsVetiver
Husk / Houndstooth
Rain And Laura / Self
Norbert StachelLast Minute Blues
Shades Of The Bay / Cheeses International

Ullan BatorOn Fire
Stereolith / Bureau B
Elvin BishopKeep On Rollin'Big Fun Trio / Alligator
Mark EitzelThe Last Ten Years
Hey Mr Ferryman / Merge Records
Joe ClarkBorder Crossing
Throw Me In The Susquehanna / Glowing Window
The Society Of RocketsNew War
Family Ways / Self

Julian Lage & Chris EthridgeBone Collector
Mount Royal / Free Dirt Records
Wilder AdkinsCherry Blossoms
Hope & Sorrow / No Label
Rundle, Emma RuthThe Distance
Time Between Us, The / Sargent House
Wilder AdkinsHope & Sorrow
Hope & Sorrow / No Label

From Indian LakesCome Back
Everything Feels Better Now / Triple Crown Records