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Fri Apr 07, 2017 6am - 9am 
Melissa AldanaBack Home
Back Home / Wommusic
Sonny RollinsSt. ThomasSaxophone Colossus / Prestige Records Inc.

Franklin  KiermyerGreetings To Pharoah
Closer To The Sun / Mobility Music
Franklin  KiermyerUnified Space-Time
Closer To The Sun / Mobility Music
Pharoah SandersThe Nearness of YouWelome to Love / Evidence Music

Daugherty, Jo AnnUnconditionally
Bring Joy / Self
Cynthia HiltsDog In A Red Pick Up
Lyric Fury / Blond Coyote

Terrell StaffordSome Many Second Chances
Forgive And Forget / Herb Harris Music
Kevin EubanksWhat's Going On
East West Time Line / Mack Avenue

Michel PortalEsquisse Part 1
Radar - Live At Theater Gutersloh / Intuition

Eckemoff, Yelena QuintetWildflower Meadows
Blooming Tall Phlox (Disc 1 - Summer Smells) / Justin Time Records, Inc.
Eckemoff, Yelena QuintetSmoke From The House Chimneys In Frosty Air
Blooming Tall Phlox (Disc 2 - Winter Smells) / Justin Time Records, Inc.

Arild AndersenRose Window
Rose Window, The / Intuition
Arild AndersenScience
Rose Window, The / Intuition

Brandi DisterheftDaahoud
Blue Canvas / Justin Time Records, Inc.
Brandi DisterheftBlue Canvas
Blue Canvas / Justin Time Records, Inc.

Rent RomusMrna
Lir / Edgetone Records

Mays, Lyle QuartetFictionary
Ludwigsburg Concert, The / Jazz Haus

Bear, Emily TrioJe Ne Sais Pas
Into The Blue / Edston Records
George ColemanInvitation
A Master Speaks / Smoke Sessions

Cortiñas, Gustavo & SnapshotThe Allegory Of The Cave
Esse / Oa2 Records
John BlevinsBreathe
Matterhorn / PfMENTUM