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Thu Apr 13, 2017 2pm - 3pm 
Sunday's BestThe Hardest PartPoised to Break / Polyvinyl Record Co.
The BuzzcocksEver Fallen In Love?Singles Going Steady / I.R.S. Records
KnapsackShape of the FearThis Conversation Is Ending St / Alias Records
the Get Up KidsHolidaySomething to Write Home About / Vagrant Records
Pissed JeansLove Without Emotion
Why Love Now / Sub Pop Records
BraidPlease Drive FasterMovie Music / Polyvinyl Records
Issue SixteenLike A Magician, Edward Did So Many Tricks
...And Starring At Her Hands Ophelia Said... / New Romance For Kids
SamiamMy EyesSamiam / New Red Archives

Teenage WristMirror Talk
Dazed / Pale Wave
Lunch DuchessGross
My Mom Says I Have A Rich Inner Life / Self-Release
Rainer MariaMystery and Misery
Long Knives Drawn / Polyvinyl Record Co.
the Promise RingRed & Blue JeansNothing Feels Good / Jade Tree
Hey MercedesQue ShirazEverynight Fire Works / Vagrant Records
Jay SomTake It
Everybody Works / Polyvinyl Record Co.
Sunny Day Real EstateRoundDiary / Sub Pop Records
Jets to BrazilStarry ConfigurationsOrange Rhyming Dictionary / Jade Tree