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Wed Jun 28, 2017 6pm - 9pm 
KrokofantWrong Turn
Iii / Rune Grammofon
Here Lies ManSo Far Away
Here Lies Man / Riding Easy
Tumblers From The Vault (1970-72) / Rvng Intl.
TuxedomoonKm / Seeding The Clouds
Half-Mute / Crammed Discs
The ResidentsWhy Hitler Was a Vegetarian (side)Third Reich and Roll / Ralph
The NoriegasPlaya Zumba
Hotel Noriega / Self-Release

Nina RyserWhoever Listens To This Tape...
I Hope All Your Dreams Come True / Ramp Local
What/One/Becomes / Thrill Jockey Records
NordvagrMantra For Vr-Hekav
Secret Barbarous Names, The / Malignant Records
Your Limit / Malignant Records
WrechePruning The Spirit
Desert / Self-Release
WrecheAngel City
Desert / Self-Release
White HillsIf...1...2
Stop Mute Defeat / Thrill Jockey Records
Trans AmI Want 2b Ignored
California Hotel / Thrill Jockey Records
Scarcity Of TanksMost Cunning
Ringleader Lies / Total Life Society Records

Moon DuoThe Crystal World
Occult Architecture Vol. 2 / Sacred Bones Records