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Mon Jul 31, 2017 7pm - 10pm 
Juana MolinaAndó
Halo / Crammed Discs
Laurel HaloLike An L
Dust / Hyperdub
TalsoundsCrossing Lines
Love Sick / Ba Da Bing
Delia GonzalezHorse Follows Darkness
Horse Follows Darkness / Dfa Records
Moon DiagramsThe Ghost And The Host
Lifetime Of Love / Geographic North
Maria MinervaSoo HighCabaret Cixous / Not Not Fun

Com TruiseSyrthio
Iteration / Ghostly International

Soft MetalsWhen I Look Into Your EyesLenses /
Arnaud RebotiniAnother Time, Another PlaceSomeone Gave Me Really /
In Aeternam ValeDust Under BrightnessDust Under Brightness /
Multiple ManNew Metal
New Metal / Dka
New OrderTouched by the Hand of GodBrotherhood /
Severed HeadsPersecutory Phantaised BreastCome Visit /
The GardenThis Could Build Us A HomeSurprise /
Torn HawkPalace RacketThrough Force of Will /
Richard H. KirkLets JackDasein /
UniformThe Lost
Wake In Fright / Sacred Bones Records

Kodama / Prophecy Productions

The TelescopesSomething in my BrainAs Light Return /
Brian Jonestown MassacreDeep in the Devil's Eyes andLittle Darla Vol 01 / Darla Records
SlowdiveSouvlaki Space StationSouvlaki / Creation Records

the Olivia Tremor ControlDefine a Transparent DreamDusk at Cubist Castle / Flydaddy Records
ClinicI'm AwareBubblegum / Domino
The Gun ClubThe Breaking HandsMother Juno /
The OscillationSomatoneDeath Before /
White HillsStop Mute Defeat
Stop Mute Defeat / Thrill Jockey Records
Pussy's Dead / 30th Century Records/Columbia
EnonEvidenceLost Marbles /

SwirliesSunn. Drunk in Yr Sled VersiStrictly East Coast Sneaky Fl / Taang! Records (West Cst)

AnikaIn the CityAnika EP /
B BoysFade
Dada / Captured Tracks
Parade GroundI Shut My EyesDada /
Generation XKiss Me DeadlyGeneration X / Chrysalis Records Inc.
SuicideGirlSuicide / Restless Records
AlgiersThe Underside Of Power
Underside Of Power, The / Matador Records
Brilliant BeastSpiders
Jelly / Self-Release