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Thu Oct 23, 2003 3pm - 5pm 
Lamb of GodRuin
As the Palaces Burn / Prosthetic Records
Strapping Young LadDetoxCity / Century Media
Superjoint RitualThe Knife Rises
A Lethal Dose of American Hatr / Sanctuary Records Inc.
RuneSong of the Sirens
Kalibas/Rune / Relapse Records
PathosEroding the SpiresPerdition Splits the Skies / Intolerant Messiah
EntombedNight for Day
Inferno / Koch Records
SlayerAt Dawn They SleepHell Awaits / Metal Blade
Turning It Down Since 2001 / Load Records
My Dying BrideLe Cerf MaladeThrash of Naked Limbs, the / Peaceville Records
My RuinLet It Rain
A Prayer Under Pressure of Vio / Snapper Music
Fu ManchuAnodizer
Go for It...Live! / Steamhammer
Dimmu BorgirProgenies of the Great Apoca
Death Cult Armageddon / Nuclear Blast
Dimmu BorgirCataclysm Children
Death Cult Armageddon / Nuclear Blast
KrisiunWar Ritual
Works of Carnage / Century Media
KrisiunWolfen Tyranny
Works of Carnage / Century Media
Misery IndexRetaliate
Retaliate / Nuclear Blast
GrimfistLesser of Two Evils
Ghouls of Grandeur / Candlelight Records
NoraThat's a Good Looking Machin
Dreamers & Deadmen / Trustkill
King'S XMr. WilsonFaith Hope Love / (Unknown)
Killing JokeThe Death & Resurrection Sho
Killing Joke / Epic Records
Wall of SleepLife Lies Low
Overlook the All / Psychedoomelic
SkepticismFarmakon ProcessFarmakon / Red Stream
Killswitch EngageJust Barely BreathingAlive or Just Breathing / Roadrunner Records
NoraI Should Have Sent Flowers
Dreamers & Deadmen / Trustkill