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Sat Oct 25, 2003 9pm - midnight 
EmperorThus Spake The NightspiritAnthems to the Welkien At Dusk / Century Media
PathosEroding the SpiresPerdition Splits the Skies / Intolerant Messiah
ImmortalTriumphDamned in Black / Osmose Productions
Corvus CorvaxMystagogueThe Atavasitic Triad / Dark Symphonies
SkepticismThe Raven and the BackwardFarmakon / Red Stream
Inferno / Koch Records
RuneWeep for Nothing
Kalibas/Rune / Relapse Records
Fu ManchuLaserblast!
Go for It...Live! / Steamhammer
Dead MeadowMe and the Devil BluesShivering King and the Others / Matador Records
Killing JokeTotal Invasion
Killing Joke / Epic Records
Thin LizzyEmeraldLive and Dangerous / WB
HoodsOn the Way to San FranciscoPray for Death / Victory Records (Hardcore
Nothing SacredAll the Famines
Nothing Sacred / Stardom Young Records
Lustmord (soundtrack)End Titles
Zoetrope Ost / Nextera
Culper RingTRK1
355 / Neurot Recordings
KhanateNo Joy (Remix)
No Joy/Dead / Load Records
AstarteReign UnfoldQuod Superius Sicut Infernus / Somber Music, Brasil
PossessedTribulationBeyond The Gates / Combat
Aus-RottenIntro/The Rotten AgendaThe Rotten Agenda / Rotten Propaganda
Beyond PossessionDying beyond possession / Death
Lamb of GodA Devil in Gods's Country
As the Palaces Burn / Prosthetic Records
Impaled NazarenePrequiel to BleedingAbsence of War Does not Mean / Osmose Productions
Born Dead IconsSalvation On The Knees/Men Of HavanaSalvation On The Knees / Partners In Crime
AmebixDrink & Be MerryArise / Alternative Tentacles
Celtic FrostVisual AggressionCOLL: Speed Metal / Meddle Blade