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Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:30pm - 11pm 
Joey SellersImprov 1
What The...? / Circumvention Music
Besh o droMnekemtenemmutogtol oroCant Make Me / --
Joey SellersImprov With Didgeridoo In Bell #1
What The...? / Circumvention Music
Duke Ellington And His OrchestraSatin DollHappy Birthday Duke! / Delta Music Inc.
Ola La MetaGeneración Y
Guerra De Miradas / Self-Release
Fox GrinJack Quick
Dawn / Self-Release
Joey SellersPiece For Foil Laden Trombone And Water Jug
What The...? / Circumvention Music
Manu ChaoMentiraClandestino / Virgin France
Joey SellersOverdub Didgeridoo
What The...? / Circumvention Music
Shari Vari--The Big Drum In the Sky Religion / --
Joey SellersOverdub Microtone Triads
What The...? / Circumvention Music
Eggy--Trance Figures / --
Manu ChaoClandestinoClandestino / Virgin France
Confessions of an american cultI was sent to spread fearPersistence of mourning / --
Montoyan Artisan ConnectionsNo Rules-- / --
ThundercatLava LampDrunk / --
Slag HeapMissing PersonsHushing / Sacred Phrases
They Might Be GiantsWhere your Eyes Dont GoLincoln / --