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Wed Oct 29, 2003 9am - noon 
King Tee/DJ PoohTha Bomb Malt Liquordj drank's greatest malt liquor hits / none
AtmosphereLifter PullerSeven's Travels / Rhymesayers Ent
Aesop RockCleanFreeze / Def Jux
Dudley PerkinsFlowers
A Lil' Light / Stones Throw
Mc Lars HorrisMake Way for DucklingsRadio Pet Fencing / Truck Records
Why?Our Neighbor's Daughter
Oaklandasylum / Anticon
King Tee/Ice CubeGet Your Girl In The Mood Quickerdj drank's malt liquor greatest hits / none
Slug and El-PRPM Revolutions Per Minute PT 2.17" single / counterflow recordings
Mr. DibbsProudturntable hardcore vol. 1 / shake it usa
AntiRadio EditDead in Motion / Warp Records
Kid KoalaDrunk Trumpet (live)7" Single / ninja tune
PestDuke Kerb Crawler
Necessary Measures / Ninja Tune
BonoboPick UpDial M for Monkey / Ninja Tune
U-ZiqMouse Bums
Bilious Paths / Planet Mu Records Ltd.
KptmichiganOr IsPlayer, Player / Aesthetics
PlaidCoatP-Brane / Warp Records
Kevin BlechdomRat Race
Dancing Machine: Erase / Troubleman Unlimited
the DeletistA Clearcut
Deletist, the / Entarte Kunst
PeachesThe Inch
Fatherfucker / Kitty Yo
BroadcastThe Little Bell
Haha Sound / Warp Records
Parts and LaborParts & Labor
Groundswell / Jmz Records
Friends ForeverWin
Killball / Load Records
Ex ModelsFuck to the Music
Zoo Psychology / Frenchkiss Records
Young Sexy AssassinsThe Fog Collector
May Day in the Garden of Memor / Mister Records
Die Monitr BatssSpread Yr Leggs, Release the
Youth Controllers / Dim Mak
Kill Me TomorrowGhost Rider
Skin's Getting Weird / Gold Standard Laboratorie
the HusbandsDeep in My Heart
Introducing the Husbands / Swami Records
Cabaret VoltaireThe Voice of America/Damage is DoneThe Voice of America / Rough Trade
Dead MeadowMe and the Devil BluesShivering King and the Others / Matador Records
Bardo PondJd
On the Ellipse / Atp Recordings
NegativlandAn Actual Attack
Ikebana: Merzbow's Aml / Important Records
DnaNew NewDna / Avant
Kevin ShieldsIkebana
Lost in Translation / Emperor Norton
the Monolith10 X Infinity
Here Comes the Monolith / Independent
UiPlease Release Me
Answers / Southern Records
No Joy/Dead / Load Records
BuzzcocksJerkBuzzcocks / Merge Records
D.M.T.Dodi Do NjeBombardiranje New York / Independent
Soft Pink TruthEverybody's Soft
Do You Party? / Soundslike