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Sat Nov 08, 2003 midnight - 3am 
LongshotOpen Mouths Fed12" / -
Semi.OfficialNocturnal Terrorist SquadThe Anti-Album / Rhymesayers
RaekwonUncle12" / IceWater
CornbreadOne Fly Gemini12" / Groove Attack
Ghostface KillahNo, No, No12" / -
Party Fun Action CommitteeBeerBeer / Def Jux
Y@k BallzThe Drill12" / Facebuster
Death CampSleep All Night12" / -
J-ZoneAlley Oop12" / Old Maid
Shabazz The DiscipleThieves In Da Nite (Heist) (Vinyl Thug Mix)12" / Brick
Cali AgentsFuck What You HeardHow The West Was One / Ground Control
Non PhixionBlack Helicopters12" / matador
Styles Of BeyondOutta ControlMegadef / Ill Boogie
Louis LogicDos FactotumSin-A-Matic / Solid
InsightTime Frame12" / Brick
SachEach One12" / Afflatus
MF DoomVaudeville VillainVaudeville Villain / Sound Ink
DiverseAin't RightExplosive / Chocolate Industries
InvisiblePetro12" / Table Turns
Ghostface KillahNew York, New York12" / -
J-ZoneLightweight12" / Old Maid
Black Moon12" BarrelStay Real / Duck Down Records
Kev BrownAllways12" / ABB
C Rayz Walz'86Ravipops / Def Jux
Semi.OfficialSystems GoeThe Anti-Album / Rhymesayers
L-FudgeWhat If?12" / Rawkus
J-BizNinetyfive12" / Worldwyde
Y@k BallzMonkey Doo Doo WKCR Freestyle Session12" / Facebuster
WordsworthNot Me12" / Worldwide Communications
King SolomonFine Thin LineSolstice EP / Illmindkuzik
Black PantherSuicide12" / Third Earth
C Rayz WalzBuck 80Ravipops / Def Jux