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Thu Nov 20, 2003 3pm - 5pm 
Lamb of GodO.D.H.G.A.B.F.E.New American Gospel / Metal Blade
Maja RatkjeTrio
Voice / Rune Grammofon
Burnt By the SunForlani
Perfect Is the Enemy of Th, th / Relapse Records
Misery IndexOrder Upheld/Dissent Disolve
Retaliate / Nuclear Blast
KrisiunEthereal World
Works of Carnage / Century Media
Black Label SocietyLove Reign DownStronger than Death / Spitfire
the Dillinger Escape PlanThe Mullet BurdenUnder the Running Board / Relapse Records
BurstFourth Sun
Prey on Life / Relapse Records
GrimfistOutlined in Black
Ghouls of Grandeur / Candlelight Records
Dimmu BorgirBlood Hunger Doctrine
Death Cult Armageddon / Nuclear Blast
Synergy / Century Media
Curse of the Golden VampireUnited Snakes of America
Mass Destruction / Ipecac Records
Shadows FallStepping Outside the CircleArt of Balance, the / Century Media
Children of BodomNeedled 24/7
Hate Crew Deathroll / Century Media
BrokenOn All Fours
Tanjras / Guru Records
Killing JokeTotal Invasion
Killing Joke / Epic Records
VoivodInsectNegatron / Mausoleum Records
Deeds of FleshDisinterred Archaic Heap
Reduced to Ashes / Unique Leader Entertainmt
PsycropticThe Scepter of Jaar-Gilon
Scepter of the Ancients, the / Unique Leader Records
Decrepit BirthPrelude to the Apocalypse
...And Time Begins / Unique Leader Records
Decrepit BirthCondemned to Nothingness
...And Time Begins / Unique Leader Records
WehrwolfeThe Trinity Undone
Godless We Stand / Magick Records
GhoulSewer Chewer
Maniaxe / Razorback Records
ImpalerLegend of the 13 GravesOld School Ghouls / Root-O-Evil Records
AgathoclesMy ReasonThanks for Your Hostility / Morbid Records
ThorViking's FuneralTriumphant / Scratch Recordings
Place of SkullsReturnNailed / Southern Lord Recordings
Paul ChainCosmic Wind Part 1Cosmic Wind / Jade Tree