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Sat Aug 04, 2018 5pm - 7pm 
The TriumphsSurfside Date

NewtHull Break-273C / Quantum Loop
Cornelia MurrDifferent This Time
Lake Tear Of The Clouds / Autumn Tone
Mary HailBelfry
(W)Rest / Self-Release
Joyful TalkReal Life Vii
Plurality Trio / Constellation Records
NasaTrack 2
Boogie Chillin Too Heavy / Dces Are

L./Tuchmann/Moerth/Mur NewtonMagna MaterTimbre / Leo Records
CelerOr Me Or You
Something Cathartic / Polar Seas
Brendon AndereggJune Pt. 4
June / Thrill Jockey Records
Paul Page And His Paradise MusicThe Reef Is CallingPacific Paradise / Subliminal Sounds
Ghost Box / Self Release

the NeptunasFrr BikiniScratch 'n' Surf / Sympathy For The Record Industry
Marisa AndersonPulse
Cloud Corner / Thrill Jockey Records
New Ruins / Self-Release
The Spook SchoolKeep In TouchCould It Be Different? / Alcopop!
Early Day MinersNight Suit (For Tarah Cards)
Night Suit (For Tarah Cards) B/W Sterling Provisions / Sickbay

Negativland/ChumbawambaSmelly WaterAbcs of Anarchism, the / Seeland Records
Negativland/ChumbawambaThe Abcs of AnarchismAbcs of Anarchism, the / Seeland Records
Black SpiritualsAnti Up
Black Access / Black Axes / Sige
Paul Page And His Paradise MusicPacific Farewell MedlyPacific Paradise / Subliminal Sounds