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Thu Jan 24, 2019 8pm - 9pm 
Molly BurchWild
First Flower / Captured Tracks
David FriesenAnother Anthem
My Faith, My Life / Origin
Fleet FoxesWhite Winter Hymnal
Fleet Foxes / Sub Pop Records
3 / Felte
Aesop RockCycles To Gehenna
Skelethon / Rhymesayers Ent
Diabate, Toumani's Symmetric OrchestraToumani
Boulevard De L'independance / World Circuit

Wild NothingLetting Go
Indigo / Captured Tracks
CrustationFlame (Mood II Swing Vocal mix)- / -
Dawkins, Ernest / New Horizons EnsembleMal-Lester
Prairie Prophet, The / Delmark Records
Wild NothingFlawed Translation
Indigo / Captured Tracks
Aesop RockGopher Guts
Skelethon / Rhymesayers Ent

Aphex Twin1st 44
Collapse Ep / Warp Records
ElohimHallucinatingElohim / .

OasisWonderwallWhat's the story Morning Glory / .