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Wed Mar 06, 2019 11pm - 1am 
Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? / 4AD
Dan SiegoWolf Cub 98Bloodpuncher's Greatest Hits / Dead Mofongo Records
GirlpoolLucy'sWhat Chaos Is Imaginary / Anti-
FaustTetherTether - Single / Self-Release
Colleen GreenI Wanna Be IgnoredCasey's Tape / Harmontown Loops / Infinity Cat Recordings
Felt / Secretly Canadian Records
MIENBlack HabitMIEN / Launch125
Le Groupe ObscurPicedelulaSelesca / Midnight Special Record
J MascisSee You At The Movies
Elastic Days / Sub Pop Records
Parlor WallsNeuromancer
Exo / Northern Spy Records
Sunflower BeanCome For Me
King Of The Dudes / Mom + Pop
John MausOuter SpaceAddendum / Ribbon Music
Sediment ClubMy Dungeon Shook
Stucco Thieves / Wharf Cat Records
Bilge PumpWheel of YewWe Love You / Gringo Records
Pink MexicoDirty & StupidDump / Burger Records
TalliesMotherTallies / Kanine Records
CrocodilesNuclear LoveLove Is Here / Deaf Rock Records
Deseos PrimitivosExistir
Existir / Self-Release
DesahuciadosFomes Peccati
Desahuciados / Slovenly Recordings
The LivingDirty Dream
Drinking From The Trough Of A Tyrant's Piss / Self Release
ChemtrailsI'll Never Be
Cuckoo Spit / Pnkslm Recordings
El ShirotaCarreta de FuracaoCarreta de Furacao - Single / Del Sur
NothingPlastic Migraine
Dance On The Blacktop / Relapse Records
SnakerattlersLose My Mind
All Heads Will Roll / Dirty Water Records
FrothPassing Thing
Outside (Briefly) / Wichita Recordings
XLos Angeles
Los Angeles / Fat Possum Records
Ringo DeathstarrStare At The Sun
Pure Mood / Reverberation Appreciation Society
MoldesCancion De Cuna Para Ciudades FantasmaCancion De Cuna Para Ciudades Fantasma - Single / A Tutiplen Records
Lorelle Meets The ObsoleteLa Maga
De Facto / Sonic Cathedral