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Thu Jan 15, 2004 4pm - 6pm 
QueensrycheThe Art of LifeTribe /
Agent SteelAvenger
Order of the Illuminati / Artillery Music
Iced EarthRed Baron/Blue MaxThe Glorious Burden / SPV
King DiamondBlood to Walk
Puppet Master, the / Metal Blade
DestructionSavage Symphony of TerrorMetal Discharge / Nuclear Blast
Hanoi Rocks(Back to) Mystery CityBack to Mystery City / Passport Records
Blind DogThere Must Be Better Ways ofCaptain Dog Rides Again / Meteor City
EvergreyRecreation DayRecreation Day /
Life of AgonyLet's Pretend
River Runs Again Live 2003 / Spv Gmbh
Fear FactorySuffer AgeConcrete / Roadrunner Records
Fear FactoryNew Breed (Spoetnik Mix)
Hatefiles / Roadrunner Records
Fear FactoryManic Cure
Hatefiles / Roadrunner Records
Fear FactoryCyberdyne
Hatefiles / Roadrunner Records
Fear FactoryMartyr (Suffer Bastard Mix)Fear Is the Mindkiller / Roadrunner Records
Fear FactoryScumgrief (Deep Dub Trauma MFear Is the Mindkiller / Roadrunner Records
Fear FactoryBurn (Flashpoint)Remanufacture / Roadrunner Records
Fear FactoryNational Panel Beating (BodyRemanufacture / Roadrunner Records
Speed Genius OverdoseOh Lord GodDeath Rave 2000 / 21ST Circuitry
DeicideScars of the CrucifixScars of the Crucifix /
ByzantineHatfieldThe Fundamental Component / Prosthetic Records
Vampire MooseColonizeVampire Moose / Rotten Records
BrutusOnan / Unique Leader
the CrownDream Bloody Hell (Instr.)Possessed 13 / Metal Blade
KaizenInner Force Control
DewscentedOne By OneImpact / Nuclear Blast
Decrepit BirthConcepting the Era of Genoci
...And Time Begins / Unique Leader Records
PsycropticCruelty Incarnate
Scepter of the Ancients, the / Unique Leader Records
KataklysmThe Ambassador of Pain
LeviathanSubmersedTenth Sub Level of Suicide, th / Moribund Records
PestEmbraced in Grief I Walk
BehemothAs Above, So Below
Iced EarthAttilaThe Glorious Burden / SPV
Life of AgonyWeeds
River Runs Again Live 2003 / Spv Gmbh