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Wed Mar 11, 2020 6pm - 9pm 
06:02 pm
06:04 pmCole PuliceSleep Helix
Gloam / Moon Glyph
06:10 pmVan PoolEvent 8
Get Rid of This on Film / Self Release
06:20 pmHelen MoneyMany Arms
Atomic / Thrill Jockey Records
06:29 pmGil Scott-Heron & Makaya McCravenSpecial Tribute (Broken Home Pt. 1)
We’re New Again (A Reimagining By Makaya McCraven) / Xl Recordings
06:30 pmTanner MenardLost Connection and the Path Between Waters
San Francisco: an Audiophony in Four Movements / Full Spectrum
06:54 pmWrekmeister HarmoniesStill Life With Prick Cancer (Clean)
We Love to Look at the Carnage / Thrill Jockey Records
06:57 pmApril LarsonAt the End of Time
Virtual Stardust / Self-Release
06:57 pm
07:06 pmThe BodyTen Times A Day, Every Day, A Stranger
I Have Fought Against It, But I Can?T Any Longer. / Thrill Jockey Records
07:13 pmSwansFailureWhite Light from the Mouth of Infinity / Young God
07:20 pmNadjaDeterritorialization
Desire In Uneasiness / Broken Spine Productions
07:39 pmBONNET, FRANCOIS J. & STEPHEN O'MALLEYDes Pas Dans Les Cendres
Cylene / Editions Mego
07:54 pm
07:54 pmWaterless HillsHorns Lit by the Rising Sun
Great Mountain, The / Cardinal Fuzz
08:02 pmPistachio GraveyardBenioff's My Friend
Listening to Kfjc on a Flip Phone in the Parking Lot of a Chik Fil A in Southwes / Self Release
08:12 pmAndrew WeatherallUnknown Plunderer
Unknown Plunderer / Byrd Out
08:22 pmRan Cap Duoi CollectiveRipples
Degradation / Flaming Pines
08:25 pmLightning BoltCaught Deep in the Zone
Lightning Bolt / Thrill Jockey Records
08:27 pmWasted ShirtHarsho
Fungus Ii / Famous Class Records
08:33 pm5 R V L N 5Flesh
Black Mark, The / Black Bow
08:39 pmSightless PitViolent Rain
Grave of a Dog / Thrill Jockey Records
08:44 pmFather Murphy/
Anyway, Your Children Will Deny It / Aagoo Records
08:45 pm
08:49 pmEye FlysPerception Is Gamble
Tub of Lard / Thrill Jockey Records
08:53 pmDiabologySilent
Nobody Believes Me / Diabology
08:56 pmLord MantisLow Entropy Narcosis
Universal Death Church / Profound Lore