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Mon Feb 02, 2004 noon - 3pm 
WhileHex2 Mix by Savath + SavalasSlip / Chocolat Records
DoofgoblinSnowdeighMarblebarrel / Unschooled
Angel ProvocateurRapunzelCloud Street / Ventricle
VertI Always Lie
Small Pieces Loosely Joined / Sonig
TsurubamiSeiitenrinengiGekkyukekkaichi / Strange Attractors Audio
the Flying LuttenbachersThorned Lattice
Systems Emerge From Complete / Troubleman Unlimited
RadioheadLuckyOk Computer / Emi
Aaron Funk & Rachel KozakBlood on the RopeNymphomatriarch / Hymen
Momentum / Ml/I
CoppeFlapper Girl
Nauru / Mango & Sweetrice
Joe FranksKapiolaniNew Town / Ai Records
LfoUnafraid to LingerSheath / Warp Records
ProdigyMindfieldsFat of the Land, the / Maverick Recording Compan
the Crystal MethodStarting OverLegion of Boom / V2 Records
LaikaDiamonds & Stones
Wherever I Am I Am What Is Mis / Too Pure
CathariAstrological Clock Fortells'Cathari / Isochromatic
the Lithium ProjectSpooky ActionMany Worlds Theory / Ubiquity Records
PlastikmanSlow Poke
Closer / Novamute (Domestic)
EdotMixtapesThirsty / Corecords
WeenVoodoo LadyChocolate and Cheese / Elektra Records (Local)
Lullaby for Sue / Brassland
Slusser, Paterson, LooneyTwilight & the Mockingbird
S P L / Breath Ears
Cevin Key & Ken MarshallShortwave ConnectorDragon Experience, the / Metropolis Records
Nick ForteJoin Us
Pasted Lakes / Schematic Music Company