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Tue Mar 02, 2004 8pm - 10pm 
Henry KaiserMeet the Flinstones
Playola / Independent
Utah PhillipsAin't It Fine
I've Got to Know / Daemon Records
A Few Hundred ArtistsChart Sweep Part 1
Diamanda GalasI'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
La Serpenta Canta / Mute Records Ltd
People Like Us & Kenny GNothing
Nothing Special / Mess Media
Djs of Mass DestructionWar (If It Feels Good, Do It
War (If It Feels Good / Hip Hop Slam
EsgYou Make no Sense
New York Noise / Soul Jazz Records
Immortal TechniqueFreedom of SpeechRevolutionary Vol 2 / Viper Records
Jedi Mind TricksBlood in Blood Out
Visions of Gandhi / Babygrande
Rhythm King and Her FriendsPants
Toxic Girls! - Nightwa / Tsunami-Addiction
the Fiery FurnacesLeaky Tunnel
Gallowsbird's Bark / Rough Trade Records
The Lost SoundsTotal DestructionV/A fields and Streams / Kill Rock Stars
Circus LupusWe Are The OneV/A 20 Years of Dischord / Dischord
French ToastHatred MaceHatred Mace/For Sylvia / Arrest
ScreamSolidarityThis Side Up / Dischord
Soul SideX-Lion TamerLess Deep Inside Keeps / Dischord
Manic Hispanic12XU
Wasted / Byo Records
Health HazardDieDiscography 93-96 / Prank
AvskumFight Back Capitalism
Punkista / Prank
KylesaA 100 Heat IndexNo Ending EP / Prank
UncleanThat Juice is BloodPlead the Filth / Eccocentric
Morser10,000 Bad Guys Dead10,000 Bad Guys Dead / Chrome Saint Magnus
Guyana Punch LineA Void TransmissionDirekt Aktion / Prank
HellnationToo Punk Too DrunkThrash Wave / Sound Pollution
Otophobia?Malignant / Slap-a-Ham
MalefactionOngoing Plaque
Where there Is Power there Is / G7 Welcoming Committee
Courting Tragedy and Disaster / Prosthetic Records
God ForbidForce-Fed
Gone Forever / (Unknown)
ProbotCenturies of Sin (W/Cronos)
Probot / Roswell Records
PelicanPulsePelican / Hydra Head
FirewaterToo Much (Is Never Enough)
Man on the Burning Tightr, the / Jetset Records
the Desert SessionsThere Will Never Be a Better
Volumes 9 & 10 / Ipecac Records