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Wed Mar 03, 2004 9am - noon 
Dean RobertsAll Pidgins Sent to War, PalBe Mine Tonight / Kranky
Psi / Evolving Ear
Utah PhillipsHow to Live in Peace
I've Got to Know / Daemon Records
AeltersJe T'aime
Ardchild'com.Undo / Sonig
RusudenAna Appears Normal
Formulae / Sonicterror Recordings
2ND GenHex
Flicknives / Q, Mass
ClouddeadSon of a Gun
Ten / Mush Records
ObjectFluid Note
Pandemic / Quartermass
Jay-Z w/ DangermouseLucifer 9The Gray Album / none
Eddie the RatInvolvulus-Ritual
My Malady Noise Compil / Mental Monkey Records
NiobeOut of Limbo
Tse Tse / Sonig
Nettle w/ Mehmet IrdelGUTtedFirecamp Stories Remixes / theAgriculture
Djs of Mass DestructionWar (If It Feels Good, Do It
War (If It Feels Good / Hip Hop Slam
Immortal TechniqueFreedom of SpeechRevolutionary Vol 2 / Viper Records
Charizma & Peanut Butter WolfIce Cream TruckBig Shots / Stones Throw
AliasThe Physical Voice
Muted / Anticon
Crack We Are RockSparrow Hawkman
Cosmic Mind Flight / Tigerbeat 6
the CreaturesFurther Nearer
Hai! / Instinct Records
Tyondai/Parts Braxton & LaborDisintegrating Reels
Rise, Rise, Rise / Narnack Records
Fad GadgetJumpGag / Mute
the Fiery FurnacesWe Got Back the Plague
Gallowsbird's Bark / Rough Trade Records
HattattackWest Broad and Grace
Heart Kid / Quellus Music
1:3:1 / Independent
Modest MouseNever Ending Math EquationBuilding Something Out of Noth / Up Records
OkmoniksBuzz with Me
Keepin' Up with the Okmoniks / <No Label Info>
the DipersI'm So Spun
How to Plan Succssful Parties / Omnibus Records
DaughterErasedSkin / Aum Fidelity
Popular ShapesFluorescent Bikes Depressing
Bikini Style / On/On Switch
Stereo TotalJe Suis Venu Te Dire Que...Oh Ah / Kill Rock Stars
Eleni MandellIm Thru with Love
Maybe, Yes / Heart of a Champion
20 MilesGypsy Babe
Life Doesn't Rhyme / Fat Possum Records
Cheer Up PoemsNot So Pure WorldNothing Imperial / Independent
Regal DimeNothing's Bad Enough
Shebonics / Already Gone Records
Considerable JesusUsed Fruit
For Fun and Prophet / Acidsoxx Music
the ContortionsContort Yourself
New York Noise / Soul Jazz Records