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Wed Apr 07, 2004 10pm - midnight 
the Tiger Lillies with KronosAbc
Gorey End, the / Emi
VolebeatsDie By the SwordCountry Favorites / Turquoise Records
Discharge Information System50 Percent Metal
Discharge Information System / Independent
Jason WebleyMusic That Tears Itself ApartViaje / Jason Webley
Mark GrowdenSong to the Siren
Live at the Odeon / Independent
FirewaterToo Many Angels
Man on the Burning Tightr, the / Jetset Records
Sun Kill MoonGlenn Tipton
Ghosts of the Great Highway / Jetset Records
Power Out, the / Too Pure
Broken HorseRedirection
Frisco Styles / Now Rainbow Records
DeerhoofMilk Man
Milkman / Kill Rock Stars
Nice NiceFight the Face
Chrome / Temporary Residence
Essential LogicHorrible PartyFanfare in the Garden / Kill Rock Stars
Erase ErrataOther Animals Are No. 1Sonic Mook Experiment / Blast First
Mekons32 WeeksPunk Rock / Quarterstick Records
Against Me!Turn Those Clapping Hands into Angry Balled FistsAs the Eternal Cowboy / Fat
Angry AmputeesNo MercySlut Bomb / Dead Teenager
RunnAmuchksFind My Way BackOf a Different Breed / Six Weeks
AvskumFight Back Capitalism
Punkista / Prank
Disturbing the Peace / Six Weeks
Crucial UnitThrashin' is Our Business and Business is Mediocre at BestEverything Went Strunk / De la Mente
Le ScrawlStraight AheadEager to Please / Life is Abuse/R.S.R.
Most Precious BloodSo Typical My Heart
Our Lady of Annihilation / Trustkill
UndyingBy TurnsAt History's End / One Day Savior
SuffocationSubconsciously Enslaved
Contaminated Vi / Relapse Records
Australasia / Hydra Head
Loren NerellTaksu
Taksu / Soleilmoon Recordings
PorestFist DumplingsPrude Juice for the Heritage Swinger / Seeland
Rhythm & SoundJah RuleWith the Artists / Asphodel
Jean Grae feat. Cannibal OxSwing BladesThe Bootleg of the Bootleg Ep / Baby Grande/Orchestral
Immortal TechniqueFreedom of SpeechRevolutionary Vol 2 / Viper Records