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Thu Apr 22, 2004 3pm - 5pm 
Amon AmarthDeath in Fire
Versus the World / Metal Blade
Forest of ImpaledThe Fall of the TrinityForward the Spears / Red Stream
KataklysmUnder the Bleeding Sun
Serenity in Fire / Nuclear Blast
DiabolicEnter the Maelstrom
Infinity Through Purification / Olympic Recordings
the EndOrganelle (In She We Lust)
Within Dividia / Relapse Records
CannaeThe Gathering
Horror / Prosthetic Records
HimsaLoveless and Goodbye
Courting Tragedy and Disaster / Prosthetic Records
God ForbidForce-Fed
Gone Forever / Century Media
ExodusWar Is My Sheppard
Tempo of the Damned / Nuclear Blast
DeadToFallThe Balance TheoryEverything I Touch Falls To Pieces / Victory Records
Premonitions of WarLayover
Left in Kowloon / Victory Records
FacebreakerThe DemonBloodred Hell / Rage of Achilles
ProfessorNumerus Clausus
Acedemizer / Tumult
The ForsakenTraces of the PastTraces of the Past / Century Media
ArumThe Chaos Harmony
Inhuman Echoes From the Shadow / Killzone Records
BehemothAs Above, So BelowZos Kia Cultus / Olympic Recordings
NecronomitronBroken Glass for Dinner
Necronomitron / Load Records
The Project Hate MCMXCIXNailedHate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate / Threeman Recordings
Flotsam & JetsamDig Me Up To Bury MeMy God / Metal Blade
DragonforceMy Spirit Will Go OnSonic Firestorm / Noise
ArcturusStar-CrossedThe Sham Mirrors / The End Records
the GatheringSleepy Buildings
Sleepy Buildings - a Semi-Acou / Century Media
Eternity XThe Edge - Part IIIThe Edge / Musea