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Wed May 12, 2004 10pm - midnight 
Cephalic CarnageLucid Interval
Contaminated Vi / Relapse Records
DraugarUncontrollabel Despair
From Which Hatred Grows / Tumult
The RavenousHallucinations of a Deranged MindAssembled in Blasphemy / Hammerheart
EnforsakenA Break From Tradition
Forever Endeavor, the / Olympic Recordings
Acedemizer / Tumult
MorserVolcano Style10,000 Bad Guys Dead / Chrome Saint Magnus
the EndThese Walls
Within Dividia / Relapse Records
Glass CasketFisted and Forgotten
We Are Gathered Here Today / Abacus Recording
All that RemainsThis Darkened Heart
This Darkened Heart / Prosthetic Records
Uphill BattleStill Born
Wreck of Nerves / Relapse Records
Peyote CalamityThe Ghost of Ulitmate Might
PeÚ / None
ROTStrange FeelingsOld Dirty Grindcores / rottenness/2+2=5
DisgustThe Apocalypse HorsemenThe Horror of it All... / Crimes Against Humanity
FacedowninshitWashed Away
Passing Times / Crimethinc
StackIn the Line of FireStack / Six Weeks
Iron LungThe System
Disturbing the Peace / Six Weeks
Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us / Prank
Le ScrawlAntisocialEager to Please / Life is Abuse/R.S.R.
Health HazardLife in FearDiscography / Prank
Harum ScarumMental HealthLive in Slovenija May 6, 2000 / Nikt Nic Nie Wie
Erase ErrataOther Animals Are No. 1Sonic Mook Experiment / Blast First
Nice NiceChrome Cabal
Chrome / Temporary Residence
MindflayerRepeating Tiger Fist and G
Its Always 1999 / Load Records
Mongoloidian GlowQueen of the Night
Paardon? / Self Release
Azalia Snailhaving an ExperienceFumarole Rising / Catapult
Chick Webb & His orchestraWhen I get Low I Get HighV/A Dope & Glory - Reefer Songs from the 30s and 40s / Trikont
the Tiger Lillies with KronosAbc
Gorey End, the / Emi
Power Out, the / Too Pure
Wind-Up BirdThis
Whips / The Music Fellowship
Pamala Z/Balanescu/Schnaitter/Ligeti/Bordoni/Bosshard/Brusci/Friz/Black/MathMonday SessionV/A Open Air Radiotopia / Staubgold