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Thu May 27, 2004 3pm - 5pm 
Death AngelThe Devil Incarnate
Art of Dying, the / Nuclear Blast
ExodusTempo of the Damned
Tempo of the Damned / Nuclear Blast
Killswitch EngageRose of SharynThe End of Heartache / Roadrunner
DiabolicDescending Through Prortals
Infinity Through Purification / Olympic Recordings
KataklysmSeconds From the End
Serenity in Fire / Nuclear Blast
From a Second Story WindowI Tried Voodoo Once
Not One Word Has Been Omitted / Blackmarket Activities
MyotoniaThe Settlement
Myotonia / None
EnforsakenAll for Nothing
Forever Endeavor, the / Olympic Recordings
All that RemainsThis Darkened Heart
This Darkened Heart / Prosthetic Records
the EndThe Sense of Reverence
Within Dividia / Relapse Records
Premonitions of WarBlack Den
Left in Kowloon / Victory Records
LaudanumBlack Rain
Apotheker, the / Blurred Records
Eyes of FireHopeless
Ashes to Embers / Century Media
ScepticVoices From the Past (Instru
Unbeliever's Script / Candlelight Records
AdventBeyond the Landscape
Dawn, the / Golden Lake Productions
AdventThe Dawn
Dawn, the / Golden Lake Productions
EpicureanNocturnal Deity
V.Ii R.Vi / Jcm Records
Cradle of FilthThank God for the Suffering
Damnation and a Day / Epic Records (Metal)
VaderWhisperRevelations / Metal Blade
KittieOracleOracle / Artemis Records
HimsaA Girl in Glass
Courting Tragedy and Disaster / Prosthetic Records
Disharmonic OrchestraInexorable LogicExpositions Prophylaxe / Nuclear Blast America