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Wed Jun 16, 2004 10pm - midnight 
DraugarUncontrollabel Despair
From Which Hatred Grows / Tumult
CentinexNew World Odyssey
Decadence - Prophecies of Cosm / Candlelight Records
SuffocationTomes of AcrimonySouls to Deny / Relapse Records
MistressPsychic One Inch Punch
Ii: the Chronovisor / Rage of Achilles
Ideas of Reference / Blackmarket Activities
AssuckSalt MineAssuck / Sound Pollution
ExistenchBioslaverysplit: Existench/Brutal Insanity / Extremist
Glass CasketScarlet Paint and Gasoline
We Are Gathered Here Today / Abacus Recording
Peyote CalamityThe Ghost of Ulitmate Might
PeÚ / None
Uphill BattleStill Born
Wreck of Nerves / Relapse Records
FacedowninshitWashed Away
Passing Times / Crimethinc
Walls of JerichoA Little Piece of Me
All Hail the Dead / Trustkill
Backstabbers IncorporatedJaybird
Bare As Bones / Blackmarket Activities
BettercoreMan You Suck!This is Fucking Youthcrust!!! / Six Weeks
Circle Takes The Squaretrack 7As the Root.. / Robotic Empire
Cult of LunaThe watchtowerThe Beyond / Earache
EarthSeven AngelsEarth 2 / Sub Pop Records
Randy GreifA Mile HighAlice in Wonderland Pt. 5 / Staalplaat
BoredomsChocolate *utSuper Roots / Reprise
Pop-O-PiesI Am the Walrus
Pop-O-Anthology / Self Release
DNAYou and YouDNA on DNA / No More
HellaTop 20 Notes
Devil Isn't Red, the / Kill Rock Stars
Art BearsMoeris Dancing
Rer Usa Sampler / Rer Megacorp
Faun FablesStill Here
Family Album / Drag City
Joanna NewsomSprout and the Bean
Milk-Eyed Mender, the / Drag City
Rachel's4 or 5 Trees
Systems/Layers / Quarterstick Records