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Mon Sep 06, 2004 3pm - 5pm 
the Evolution Control CommittThe Big Noodle Song
Plagiarythm Nation / Seeland Records
Out of Band ExperienceBonerlandAmerica the Beautiful / Rrrecords
Marclay, Christian/Muller, GunJe Ne Vous OublieraiLive Improvisations / For 4 Ears Records
PlulinkReady to Fly?Hate People Like Us / Soleilmoon Recordings
MoonbuggyXpl 13
Planet Lupo / C & P Manic Music
Ex-GirlEndangered Species
Endangered Species / Alternative Tentacles
Blotto Von Crack RockMilwaukee Polka
Ye Olde Barn / Addict Records
TristezaJapan MountainMania Phase / Gravity Records
Etienne CharryAtomiquement Votre36 Erreurs / Tricatel
Quintrontrach 13Unmasked Organ Light Year of I / Bulb Records
the Bran FlakesPopcorn Popping on the ApricI Don't Have a Friend / Lomo
John OswaldZRer Quarterly V4N1, the / Cuneiform Records
Dj SpookyStellar (Remix)
Celestial Mechanix / Thirsty Ear Recordings
SixtooChainsaw Breakfast
Chewing on Glass & Other Mirac / Ninja Tune
Shades of Blue / Blue Note
Kid KoalaStrut Hear
Carpal Tunnel Syndrom / Ninja Tune
Immortal TechniqueSierra MaestraRevolutionary Vol 2 / Viper Records
T Evolution Control CommitteeIsn't It Grand to Be a ChrisDouble the Phat and Still Tast / Evolution Control Committ
Jeremy DowerField Excursion #2
45 Seconds Of: / Simballrec
Six Million Dollar ManOliver NelsonTv's Greatest Hits / Tvt Records
Dj Killabush Vs. the EmbeddedShock and Awe
War (If It Feels Good / Hip Hop Slam
CassetteboyBring Back CloaksParker Tapes, the / Barry's Bootlegs
Kids in the HallReid DiamondTv's Greatest Hits / Tvt Records
Adventure TimeWater SignsDreams of Water Themes / Plug Research
Lightning BoltHello MorningWonderful Rainbow / Load Records
the LocustLive From the Russian Compou
Plague Soundscapes / Anti Inc.
Ardchild'com.Undo / Sonig
BurmeseWomen and Children Forever
Amere Shadow and Reminiscence / Tumult
Merzbow/Gore Beyond NecropsyMods Action Ultra-Shit RectaMerzbow/Gore Beyond Ne / Release
Wolf EyesIntermission
Wolf Eyes / Bulb Records
Total ShutdownThe Pond
Frisco Styles / Now Rainbow Records
Neon HunkNugglies
Smarmy Mob / Load Records
Zero Tolerance Task ForceChuckie Die
Punk Rockery / Purple Hero Distributors
minutemenplease don't be gentle with medouble nickels on the dime / sst
KihiyenyBullet in the Head
Bulb Singles #1 / Bulb Records
TRS-80To Explain Grades of Beef
Shake Hands with Danger / File 13
Casiotone for the Painfully AlTheme From David HannaAnswering Machine Music / None
John Trubee & the Ugly JanitoNumismatic Phantasmagoria
Blind Man's Penis, Prank Phone / Musical Tragedies
Uber MurderSkatman
Frisco Styles / Now Rainbow Records
the Many Moods of MarlonOpen Up the Crab
Bulb Singles #2 / Bulb Records
Erase Errata1 MinuteOther Animals / Troubleman Unlimited
God is My Co-pilotSubmissiveGender is as gender does / funky mushroom
Ex ModelsHott 4 Discourse
Zoo Psychology / Frenchkiss Records
Teenage Jesus & the JerksRed AlertEverything / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Dna on Dna / No More Records
Tracy & the Hindenberg GroundFight SongMargaret Dumont / Action Box Records
Pere UbuIndiangiverPennsylvania / Tim/Kerr Records
Animal CollectiveCollege
Sung Tongs / Fat Cat Records
CalifoneOnequicksand/cradlesnakes / thrill jockey
Boone BischoffHappy Birthday to You
Illegal Art / Illegal Art
DeerhoofNo One Fed Me So I StayedReveille / Kill Rock Stars
MarsPuerto Rican Ghost
Complete Studio Recordings, th / G3G Records