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Sun Sep 26, 2004 3pm - 6pm 
SpaceheadsShoot the BossRound the Outside / These 13CD
Limited ExpressStop GoExperimental Express / Independent
3 Hur-ElKol BastiHurel Arsivi / Diskotur
[coll]: Rokk I Reykjaviksat eg inni aklepRokk I Reykjavik / Japis
8 Eyed SpyDiddy Wah Diddy8 Eyed Spy / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Fur Cups for TeethChristmas Presence
Allergic 2 Fur / Independent
My Robot FriendI Am the RobotWhy Won't You Call Me Back? / Proptronix
50 MillionThe Alien and the Robot
Bust the Action / Broken Rekids
Strong BadTrogdor
Strong Bad Sings and Other / Harmless Music
Dear NoraHere We Come AroundMountain Rock / Magic Marker Records
Dave Van RonkStackaleeFolksinger / Prestige
Two GallantsCrow Jane
Throes, the / Alive Records
Colleen1Everyone Alive Wants Answers / Leaf Label
Tigris and Euphratesthe grass is always greener with less concretetigris and euphrates / self released
This Is My FistI Realized My Error on HarriI Don't Want to Startle You Bu / Off the Dial
Scholastic DethOptionsShackle Me Not! / 625 Productions
SpazzOne Ghetto to the NextSweatin' to the Oldies / Slap a Ham
DS-13My Life, My RulesVad Vet Vi Om Kriget? / Deranged Records
DS-13Suiciety Made Us Do ItVad Vet Vi Om Kriget? / Deranged Records
BumbklaatLifes Speachless DirectionBumbklaat / Slaves to Darkness
Iron LungBonesawIron Lung/Lana Dagales / Boredom Noise
TeengenerateI Don't MindAudiorecording / Cruddy Record Dealership
SiegeCold WarPusmort View / Toy's Factory Records
BallastFortress North AmericaNumb Again / Ballast Records
X-Ray SpexThe Day the World Turned ...Anthology, the / Castle Records
976New ReligionAvoid the 13 / Honest Abe's Custom Recor
Vulgar PigeonsThe Pollution of History
Imperialism / Willowtip
FeudUnschooling the World
Battling Bastards of Freedom / Six Two Five Thrashcore
SsdControlPower / Taang! Records (East Cst)
Castrator Album, the / Six Weeks
Look Back and LaughBlinders
Look Back and Laugh / None
Strong IntentionPanic in Year Zero
Extermination Vision / Coalition
KylesaDelusion on FireSuper Sabado Gigante / Six Two Five Thrashcore
StackHardcore Will Never DieKonkret Lichtgeschwindigkeit / Six Weeks
Dog Faced HermansThe Running ManMental Blocks for All Ages / De Konkurrent
Discharge Information System50 Percent Metal
Discharge Information System / Independent
Pussycat TrashExistentialismNon-Stop Hip Action / Slampt Underground
HickeyCalifornia RedemptionHickey / Go Kustom
Allergic to BullshitTrain I RideTrain I Ride / Half-Day Records
Naked RaygunNew DreamsAll Rise / Homestead Records
Mario PavoneBypassRemembering Thomas/Nu Trio / Knitting Factory, the
Vinny GoliaThe Mozart of Vice
A Gift for the Unusual / Nine Winds
Cline, Nels/Vinny GoliaSmooth Surface, the Canals 2
Entire Time, the / Nine Winds
Dill, Mustafa Stefan TrioXibalba
Run for Heaven / Norumba Records
Connah, Graham Sour Note SixHive MaladyMy God Has Fleas / Rastascan Records
Two Separate GorillasA440 or Fight
Two Separate Gorillas / Trigon Records
Susie IbarraGawain Ng Pamilya I
Folkloriko / Tzadik Records