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Tue Oct 19, 2004 9pm - midnight 
BoredomsSeadrumSeadrum/House of Sun / sony
BoredomsHouse of SunSeadrum/House of Sun / Sony
Giant SandCraklin Wateris all over the map / Thrill Jockey
Sam PhillipsAll Night
A Boot and a Shoe / Nonesuch
WilcoHandshake Drugs
A Ghost Is Born / Nonesuch
Elliott SmithLet's Get Lost
From a Basement on the Hill / Anti Inc.
Oneil, Tara JaneHowl
You Sound, Reflect / Quarterstick Records
Charles AtlasDipole Moment
To the Dust From Many You Came / Ochre Records
Savath & SavalasNo Puedo De GidirManana / Warp Records
Dean RobertsYou and the devil bluesand the black moth plays the grand cinema / staubgold
Giant SandNapoliIs All oVer The Map / Thrill Jockey
Richard BucknerInvitation
Dents and Shells / Merge Records
Guided By VoicesThe Closets of HenryHalf Smiles of the Decomposed / Matador Records
Gary WilsonGary Saw Linda Last Night
Mary Had Brown Hair / Stones Throw
the Red KrayolaYik Yak
Singles / Drag City
Frog EyesNew Tappy Is Heard and Behel
Folded Palm, the / Absolutely Kosher Records
CaesuraTaxi'dWallpaper the Witness / Birds Go South Records
the ExGetatchew
Turn / Touch and Go
Gorge TrioRoof Halves and Dewdrop Gems
Open Mouth, O Wisp / Skin Graft Records
Dill, Mustafa Stefan TrioIn Ueuetque
Run for Heaven / Norumba Records
Nels Cline SingersThe Ballad of Devin HoffThe Giant Pin / cryptogramophone
Rob Price1600 Hours
At Sunset / Gutbrain Records
Jackie O' MotherfuckerExtension
Wow/The Magic Fire Music / Atp Recordings