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Wed Oct 27, 2004 midnight - 2am 
MC5American RuseHuman Being Lawnmower / Total Energy
Jello Biafra with the MelvinsDawn of the Locusts
Never Breathe What You Cant Se / Alternative Tentacles
the DwarvesKids TodayRock Against Bush VOL2 / Fat Wreck Chords
Willie NelsonMidnight RiderIt Always Will Be / Lost Highway Records
Slim Cessna's Auto ClubCranston
Bloudy Tenent Truth Peace, the / Alternative Tentacles
Las Ultrasonicas10Ohh- siii, mas... mas! / Termita
the SmearsCum Into My MouthSmears in the Garage / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
the NaysayerPure Beauty
Pure Beauty / Carrot Top Records
Maddy Prior & June TaborMy Husband's Got No Courage In HimSilly Sisters / Chrysalis
HogmollyTrippin' GypsyHickadelic Jazzgrass / R-Own Records
Ginny Hawker & Tracy SchwarzSoldiers FarewellDraw Closer / Rounder Records
Blind Mamie ForehandHoney In The RockAmerican Primiteve Vol 1 / Revenant Records
Tom WaitsGreen Grass
Real Gone / Anti Inc.
Charming HostessKlezsexEat / Vaccination Records
Billy Nayer ShowRabbits and bearsRabbit / BNS Productions
the Billy Nayer ShowAngel Projector
Goodbye Straplight Sarentino, / Big Sam's Giant Records
IQUThe 9th LineSun Q / Sonic Boom Records
Fila BrazilliaRomantic Adventure
Life & Times of Phoebus Brumal / Twentythree Records
BeakI Saw Two of Me
Amoral Mayor Earwig / Monotonik
LatedusterHospital No. 32
Easy Pieces / Merck Records
Tiny HairsName Changed to PersimmonColdless / False Walls
Nanang TatangGetting Nowhere
Muki / Tiger Style Records
Honey DiaryDrive
Homemade Hits, V.1 / Kittridge Records Usa
the VellsLittle Yellow Man
Flight From Echo Falls / Imputor
Rex AquariumOther SidePrivacy / Sea Level
GrenadinePuddleNopalitos / Simple Machines
Charles AtlasChapultepec
To the Dust From Many You Came / Ochre Records
Mushroom(Hats Off To) Bert Jansch
Glazed Popems / Black Beauty
Holly GolightlyDirectly From My heart to Youdown gina's at 3 / Sympathy for the record industry
Hopped UpBad Girl BoogieGet Gone / Rhythm Bomb Records
Nonesuch Explorer SeriesDjongo
Burkina Faso: Savannah Rhythms / Nonesuch
Butcher, John/Gino RobairWrong and Home
New Oakland Burr / Rastascan Records
Tangela TricoliLife of a Housewife
Jet Lady / Arf Arf Records
Christian MarclayParis, February 11, 2000
Dj Trio / Asphodel
Borosque, C.J. Reaven03
Machine / Edgetone Records
Radio/GuitarThrumThrum / Table of the Elements