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Thu Nov 11, 2004 9pm - midnight 
Cowboys InternationalFixationCowboys International Revisited / pnuma
the Mad Capsule MarketsIslandOsc-Dis / Palm Pictures, Inc.
Wannadies, TheSkinBefore & After / Cooking Vinyl
WireMap Ref.154 / EMI/Harvest
Super Furry AnimalsFrisbeeFuzzy Logic / Epic Records (Metal)
Les Sans CulottesTout Va Bien (I'm Alright)Fixation Orale / Aeronaut Records
Blonde RedheadThis Is notMelody of Certain Damaged Lem / Touch and Go
Death By ChocolateMy Friend JackDeath By Chocolate / Jetset Records
Stereo TotalCrazy HorseJuke Box Alarm / Bobsled Records
LetigreLes and RayLetigre / Mr. Lady
MomusSomeone20 Vodka Jellies / Le Grand Magistery
Pleasant GroveEvery Heart Is a MealArt of Leaving, the / Badman Recording Company
the LookyloosThe Tall Girl with My HeartPerhaps the Most Satisfying / Lather Records
Silver JewsThe Moon Is Number 18Starlite Walker / Drag City
The BuzzcocksMoving Away From The PulsebeatAnother Music In A Different Kitchen / EMI Records
June of 44Does Your Heart Beat SlowerFour Great Points / Quarterstick Records
Slits, TheFMCut / Antilles
Black EyesYes, I Confess
Black Eyes / Dischord
CaesuraTaxi'dWallpaper the Witness / Birds Go South Records
the Rogers Sisters45 Prayers
Three Fingers / Bmi
Coffin LidsPipeline
Coffin Lips / Bomp/Voxx/Ubik/Alive
The TelescopesSadness PaleAltered Perception / Space Age Recordings
Death in VegasHands Around My ThroatScorpio Rising / Sanctuary Records Inc.
Comet GainSunsets at Her WindowSneaky / Wiiija Records
WireNice Streets AboveSend / Revolver
Tom WaitsDon't Go Into that Barn
Real Gone / Anti Inc.
Robbert RothHalliburton BluesSomeone, Somewhere... / Pattern 25 Records
MocketPhotonBionic Parts / Punk in My Vitamins
Subtonixtrack 10Live on Kzsu - Wed Night Live / Outer a Records
the Murder City DevilsBroken GlassMurder City Devils, the / Die Young Stay Pretty
Doctor Mix & the RemixNo Fun (Single Version)
Wall of Noise / Acute Records
Action/Adventure / Turn Records
Summer in Abaddon / Touch and Go
Frog EyesBells in the Crooked Port
Folded Palm, the / Absolutely Kosher Records
the VellsLittle Yellow Moon
Flight From Echo Falls / Imputor
Turn Me on Dead ManKiller Sound Waves From
God Bless the Electric Freak / Self Release
the Revolutionary HydraBinary ThoughtsPresent the P.E.E.F.S / Independent
Ariels Pinks HauntedWant Me
Homemade Hits, V.1 / Kittridge Records Usa
the HomosexualsHearts in Exile (45 Version)
An Introduction to Astral Glam / Hyped 2 Death
the New YearSinking Ship
End Is Near, the / Touch and Go
DelgadosThe City Consumes Us
Universal Audio / Chemikal Underground Ltd.
Billy BraggShirleyReaching to the Converted / Rhino Records
Robyn HitchcockNo Way Out Of TimeSpooked / Yep Roc
Julie DoironTonight Is no Night
Goodnight Nobody / Jagjaguwar
Lines In Analog SoundSunshineLive On Fiction Romance!! / Outer A
Tim BluhmAre You Making Your Way?Colts / Little Sur
Lone PigeonTrack 1Schoozzzmmii / Fence Records
Secret Chiefs 3Anthropomorphosis
Book of Horizons / Mimicry Recordings
Adult.ContagiousResuscitation / Ersatz Audio
Fires Were ShotBalfour Hollis
Solace / Asphodel
MonoA Speeding Car
One Step More and You Die / Arena Rock Recording Co.
Bron Y Aurtable FaustBetween 13 & 16 / Wallace Records