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Fri Nov 12, 2004 noon - 3pm 
BoredomsHouse of Sun
Seadrum/House of Sun / Warner Alliance
MolarPulseTime and Motion Studies, the / False Walls
Fires Were ShotQuickbeam
Solace / Asphodel
Jeff GburekImprovisation Ii
Energariums / Gema
Art in GeneralTrack 15
Rock's Role (After Ryoanji) / <No Label Info>
the User//
Symphony #2 / Asphodel
We Bring Spooky DramaMikronaut Aka Narquatic Life
Sastrugi / Katabatik
Christian MarclayPittsburg, July 5, 2002
Dj Trio / Asphodel
Mr DibbsAll Points BulletinReturn of the Dj Vol 3 / Bomb Hip Hop Rcords
Otto Von SchirachIron Blood Saw
Global Speaker Fisting / Asphodel
Castle CastleOhoenix in Turkey
Project Soundwave / Mediate Network
Tax Cuts for Nose Jobs / Snse
Borosque, C.J. ReavenThe Pendulum
Machine / Edgetone Records
Non FlightBroadway
Pilot Conference / (Unknown)
J Why & Julz aLet Me Show You Somethin
Urban Shocker / Headfullabrains
Hi Red CenterAlarm Will Sound
Architectural Failures / <No Label Info>
Epikurs EuforieComplx ContxtHow to Make Good Sound / (No Label Information)
Limited ExpressStop GoExperimental Express / Independent
Wolf EyesStabbed in the Face
Burned Mind / Sub Pop Records
Cattle DecapitationThe Earthling
Humanure / Metal Blade
Part ChimpCover Me
Chart Pimp / Monitor Records
ZandosisCondoleezza Rice Eaten
Z Vs. W / Old Gold
Midnite SnakeOral Sex #1
Midnite Snake / Birdman Records
Mountain Od Self Assesment, th / Self Release
Secret Chiefs 3Dj Revisionist
Book of Horizons / Mimicry Recordings
King MissileAnother Political Poem
Royal Lunch / Important Records
Saul WilliamsBlack Stacey
Saul Williams / Fader
Savath & SavalasInterludo InconcretoManana / Warp Records
the VellsIn the Hours of Flowers
Flight From Echo Falls / Imputor
Frog EyesA Library Used to Be
Folded Palm, the / Absolutely Kosher Records
Jason WebleyFebruary Relaxing Her Finger
Only Just Beginning / Springman Records
Sam PhillipsHow to Quit
A Boot and a Shoe / Nonesuch
Greg BrownPoet GameIn the Hills of California / Red House Records
Enemy CombatantsElectile Dysfunction
Land of the Free / Standup!
Witt MillsLou
Dust Collection Agency / Old Gold
El'zabar, Kahil/David MurraySweet Meat
We Is / Delmark Records