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Wed Nov 24, 2004 midnight - 3am 
Girl TalkNon-Stop Party Now
Unstoppable / Illegal Art
the Three-FifthsRiding the Rez Route
Fifthsomnia / Independent
Brian and ChrisAction Packed Vacation
3 / Dielectric Records
ClinicThank You
Winchester Cathedral / Domino
Friendly RichMagnified Lyle
Magnified Lyle / Pumpkin Pie
Jeff Naumann & Pigs on CornThey're Coming to Take Me AwThey're Coming to Take Me Away / Poc Music
The NaysayerOn FireKitten Time / Red Panda Records
Emily SparksFind Your Own Fire
Amos House Coll Vol 3 / Wishing Tree
Longmarchmusic 01 / Longmarch
Kilowatthours and the Rum DiarKing
Kilowatthours and the Rum Diar / Springman Records
From Bubblegum to SkyOperation Big Beat
Nothing Sadder than Lonely ... / Eenie Meenie Records
the WinnerysEvery Day
And... the Winnerys / Rainbow Quartz Internatio
the VeilsGuiding Light
Runaway Found, the / Rough Trade
EarlimartIt's Okay to Think About End
Treble & Tremble / Palm Pictures, Inc.
Ted Leo and the PharmacistsCounting Down the Hours
Shake the Sheets / Lookout Records
the Oranges BandOne Parts
Two Thousands / Morphius Records
ShellheadDots in Rhyme
Shellhead / Self Release
Tim GrimmLula WallsNames / Wind River Records
Bob BrozmanIn The BedMetric Time / The Running Man
the NadsTommy, Johnny
Backasswards / Dollar Record Records
Purple Ivy Shadowssky's the limitfield:guide / dark beloved cloud
CalifoneMichigan Girls
Shanti Project 3 / Badman Recording Company
HardmanStill Out Cold
Shirts & Pistols / Quartermass
Quiet Letters / Music for Dreams
Secret Frequency CrewForest Floor
Forest of the Echo Downs / Schematic Records
SaganFuguestate: Cosmic, Brah...
Unseen Forces / Vague Five
Leticia CastanedaStatue
On the Verge of Redundance / C.I.P and Snse
Philip Jeck & Janek SchaeferAegean Tea
Songs for Europe (Piosenki Dla / Asphodel
Paul DoldenGravity's Stillness, Resonan
Seuil De Silences / Empreintes Digitales
the Stingers AtxWonderful World
This Good Thing / Jump Up! Records
Mission Papua HollandLoopJune 87 / M.P.H. Music & Tapes