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Thu Dec 09, 2004 6pm - 9pm 
DoshSteve the Cat (Live)
Naoise / Anticon
Moodswing 9Isle of Toys
Lunch Money Singles / Bully Records
Secret Frequency CrewPollen and Spores
Forest of the Echo Downs / Schematic Records
HeadsetGrasping Claw (The Beginning
Spacesettings / Plug Research
HeadsetGrasping Claw
Spacesettings / Plug Research
SpectrePillars of SmokeRetrospective / Q, Mass
Savath & SavalasSota L'aiguaManana / Warp Records
Slowly MinuteThe Song of the SunTomorrow World / Bubble Core Records
Philip Jeck & Janek SchaeferSong for Europe
Songs for Europe (Piosenki Dla / Asphodel
SaganFuguestate: Cosmic, Brah...
Unseen Forces / Vague Five
Alexander RishaugRoom Tone
Possible Landscape / Asphodel
Leticia CastanedaUntitled 1
On the Verge of Redundance / C.I.P and Snse
Ernst ThomaTrack 3
Time Layer / Unit Records
BattlesIPT-2Ep C / Monitor Records
Secret Chiefs 3The End Times
Book of Horizons / Mimicry Recordings
Chronicles of Lemur MutationThe Last Embalming
4 Lost Documents / Boredom Noise
Omar Rodriguez-LopezDeus Ex Machina
A Manual Dexterity: Soundtrack / Gold Standard Laboratorie
Matt Davignon1
Music at 1/2 Speed / Edgetone Records
Fires Were ShotQuickbeam
Solace / Asphodel
King MissileMeditation Is Boring
Royal Lunch / Important Records
William ShatnerThat's Me Trying
Has Been / Shout! Factory
Wayne ButaneMale Elephant Wrapping a PreSucks Bigtime / Flaming Canine
Hot TrocheTutti Tit
Yopaakuyu with Me / Illegal Art
the Mae ShiJubilee
Terrorbird / 5RC
the ExListen to the Painters
Turn / Touch and Go
Clorox GirlsProtect You Girl
Clorox Girls / Smartguy Records
Runnin' Ape-Like From the Back / Ss Records
the NadsSons of Sonic Solution
Backasswards / Dollar Record Records
Steve LiebermanJethro Tull Fantasykamp
Liquidatia 455 / (Unknown)
Saul WilliamsList of Demands
Saul Williams / Fader
Kimya DawsonSinging Machine
Hidden Vagenda / Secretly Canadian Records
ClinicThe Majestic #2
Winchester Cathedral / Domino
Flashlight Seasons / Warp Records
Charles AtlasCorona Norco
To the Dust From Many You Came / Ochre Records
Devendra BanhartSister
Nino Rojo / Young God Records
Greg BrownChinaIn the Hills of California / Red House Records
Sam PhillipsDraw Man
A Boot and a Shoe / Nonesuch