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Wed Jan 19, 2005 1pm - 5pm 
LuciferionIntro/The ApostateThe Apostate /
RuneBabylon BurningThe End of Nothing / Willowtip
NightrageDescent into ChaosDescent into Chaos /
Heaven Shall BurnThe Only Truth
Antigone / Century Media
Killswitch EngageTemple From the WithinKillswitch Engage / Ferret Records
Children of BodomLake BodomSomething Wild / Nuclear Blast America
the HauntedAll Against AllRevolver / Century Media
Lamb of GodHourglassAshes of the Wake / Epic Records (Metal)
Every Time I DieFloaterHot Damn! / Ferret Music
Dead to FallTorn SelfVillany & Virtue / Victory Records
Dimmu BorgirCataclysm Children
Death Cult Armageddon / Nuclear Blast
DisbeliefDemocracySpreading the Rage / Nuclear Blast
Buried InsideTerrortourismologyBuried Inside / Cyclop
ExtolGlorianaBlueprint /
AmorphisHigher GroundFar From the Sun / Nuclear Blast
Into EternityBuried in OblivionBuried in Oblivion / Century media
EvergreyA Touch of BlessingThe Inner Circle /
Age of SilenceA Song for D. IncorporatedAcceleration / The End records
Dark SunsOne Endless Childish Day
Mare / Hydra Head
The Sins of Thy BelovedMy LoveLake of Sorrow /
Spastic InkWords for Nerds/Melissa's FriendInk Compatible / Eclectic Electric
Blood BrothersMy First Kiss at the Public
Crimes / V2 Records
High On FireDevilutionBlessed Black Wings /
MastodonAqua Dementia
Leviathan / Relapse Records
YobExorcism of the HostIllusion of Motion, the / Metal Blade
BehemothConquer AllDemigod / Century Media
Carnal ForgeSacred FlamesAren't You Dead Yet? / Century Media
Dark TranquillityNew BuildCharacter / Century Media
Malevolent CreationPreemptive StrikeWarkult / Nuclear Blast
Fractured / Willowtip
Invocation of NehekMy Gift to Liars (Intro)Invocation of Nehek / Prosthetic Records
Invocation of NehekMy Gift to LiarsInvocation of Nehek / Prosthetic Records
ImmolationSwarm of TerrorHarnessing Ruin /
Horse the BandBig Blue Violence
R. Borlax / Pluto Records
Shadows FallThe Power of I and IWar Within, the / Century Media
The Living FieldsA Leveling SpiritThe Miseries Never Cease / self-released (
GongaHermesGonga / Tee Pee Records
the NadsThe Curse
Backasswards / Dollar Record Records
Swarm of the LotusBurn Autumn Burn
When White Becomes Black / At a Loss Recordings
Australasia / Hydra Head