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Sat Jan 22, 2005 6pm - 9pm 
-Radio Lowlands
Radio India: Eternal / Sublime Frequencies
Turetzky, Nancy/Turetzky, B.4
Music for Flute(S) and Contra. / 9 Winds Records
Brian Ruryk1
Piece of Shit Guitar / Self Release
Daara JBopp Sa Bopp
Boomerang / Wrasse Records
Cambodian Cassette V1 / Sublime Frequencies
Friendly RichMagnified Lyle
Magnified Lyle / Pumpkin Pie
L'evenements / Dr. Jim's Records
Leonard CohenDear Heather
Dear Heather / Columbia
BeansComposition in VoidNow Soon Someday / Warp Records
-Rezo Por Ano Nuevo
Bats'i Son / Real Song / Locust Music
Dion McgregorFood Roulette
More Outrageous Recordings of / Torpor Vigil Industries
Johnny FiveSweet Music
Summer / Basement Records
Mcintyre, Makanda KenHome
In the Wind / Passin' Thru Records
Slowly MinuteMinues End!Tomorrow World / Bubble Core Records
Hot TrocheBond
Yopaakuyu with Me / Illegal Art
Lux Nova Umbra EstWave to YourselfLight Is the New Dark / <No Label Info>
Sixtoo Vs. SimahlakSide C
Lunch Money Singles / Bully Records
John Santos & Coro FolkloricoMaestro Mongo
Para Ellos / Machete Records
MenomenaThe Great LibidoI Am the Fun Blame Monster! / <No Label Info>
Ilhan MimarogluMelody Lost and FoundOutstanding Warrants / Southport Records
Surakarta Music ConservatoryLangen Gita Srinarendra
Gamelan of Central Java 3 / Dunya