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Tue Feb 08, 2005 noon - 2pm 
Kali FasteauHigh Seas
Making Waves / Flying Note
Hot SnakesBraintrustAudit in Progress / Swami Records
Buckley, TimStar SailorStar Sailor / Straight
Buckley, TimThe Healing FestivalStar Sailor / Straight
Brown, ArthurFireThe Crazy World of Arthur Brown / Track
Klapa CambiLipa Moja
Songs of Croatia / Arc Music Inc.
Klapa JelsaPismo Cali
Songs of Croatia / Arc Music Inc.
Fe-MailJacob's Toy
Syklubb Fra Haelvete / Important Records
Fe-MailSyklubb Fra Haelvete
Syklubb Fra Haelvete / Important Records
Kuti, Fela AnikulapoRoforofo FightRoforofo Fight/Fela Singles / Mca Records
Glass, Philip and Ravi ShankarWalking along the edge of timeGlass and Shankar / Sony
Long, ZhouRayme of TaiguZhou Long / TMC
Steve ReichTyping MusicCave, the / Nonesuch/Atlantic
Somos Nos a JusticaSe Tu Latas Tu ConquistasRough Guide Braz Hipho / World Music Network
RhymesterThe Great Amateurhythm
Japan for Sale V. 4 / Tofu Records
Andre Abujamra Feat. XisNois Eh SampliRough Guide Braz Hipho / World Music Network
Kid 606Retreatm, the Most Familiar
Dancing Machine: Erase / Troubleman Unlimited
MatmosUr Tchun Tan Tse QiA Chance to Cut Is a Chance to / Matador Records
Soft Pink TruthPromofunk
Do You Party? / Soundslike
BjorkDisco Synch MixHyper-Ballad / Elektra Records (Local)
CorneliusAnother Oint of View
Point / Matador Records
Blevin BlectumBenadrilled and Taking on W
Magic Maple / Self Release
BusuchanTerpsechlorean Splendor of aDefrag My Heart / Spam
the Chinese StarsSick MachineTurbo Mattress / Skin Graft Records